(Late) February TBR

February TBR

I am again late with my TBR. Already half a month has passed and I am behind schedule, mainly because I set up too many tasks (as usual), but also because of my job. I came home more tired than usual and I wanted to rest my eyes for a while. So I have plenty of catching up to do. I have recently posted my resolutions for 2018 and I do want to follow them.

Without further whining, here are the books that I plan to read this month, some of which have already been reviewed on my blog:

  1. Witch for Hire by N. E. Conneely
  2. Off Limits by Claire Connelly
  3. Girl Divided by Willow Rose
  4. Vacation Bride by Vicky Loebel
  5. Drumline by Stacy Kestwick
  6. A Witch’s Path by N. E. Conneely
  7. Ruled by Anne Marsh
  8. The French Adventure by Lucy Coleman
  9. A Week To Be Wild by J.C. Hrroway
  10. Starblind by D.T. Dyllin
  11. Legacy by Jesikah Sundin
  12. Dark City, Darker Night by Abe Evergreen
  13. Project Bodi: Awaken the Power of Insight by Hosein Kouros-Mehr
  14. A Witch’s Trial by N. E. Conneely
  15. In the Dark by Chris Patchell
  16. Pen & Xander by Laekean Kemp
  17. Parallex by D.T. Dyllin
  18. Stolen by Jessica Titone
  19. Dark Harvest by Chris Patchell
  20. Hungry for Love by Maya Sacher
  21. Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs
  22. The Madame Catches Her Duke by Christina McNight
  23. Flux by D.T. Dyllin
  24. Revelations by Bellamy Westbay
  25. Updrift by Errin Stevens

These would be the books for which I have a date scheduled and most of them are part of blog tours. But I also have a few extra, which are commitments as well, but I have no fixed date yet. Still, I’d like it to be this month and no later:

  1. Lord Bachelor by Tammy L. Bailey
  2. Fast Track To Glory by Thomasz Chrusciel
  3. Shadows, Shells and Spain by John Meyer
  4. Love at Five Thousand Feet by Jane Lewis
  5. Deserving It by Angela Quarles
  6. Arcane by Erzabet Bishop

Now let’s see what I can do to reduce my growing TBR. Since I have already crowded February with more books than I can handle, I’ll only select 3 books (which are also a must):

  1. Starswept by Mary Fan (on my TBR since last month)
  2. Strictly Surgical by Mila Mesa (on my TBR since last month)
  3. The Kiss That Killed Me by Kristy Nicolle (on my TBR since November 2017)

I’m already three books behind schedule and I haven’t read anything this weekend, only listened to audiobooks. But I am still confident, until my wrap up. I am excited for some of these titles and there are some books which are quick reads so I am hoping to finish all of them, or at least as much as I can. Let me know in the comments below what are your plans for this month. Happy Reading!



January TBR


How exciting! My first TBR from 2018! I have a lot of amazing new titles, most of them coming out this month. I can’t wait to go through them (note: taking into account January has started for quite a while, I have already read and reviewed some of them, apologize for the repeat). Here is what I plan to read:

  1. The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy #1) by S.A. Chakraborty
  2. Shatter (Midnight Ice #4) by Kaitlyn Davis
  3. Cowboy Stole My Heart (River Ranch #1) by Soraya Lane
  4. The Siege: A Novel by Marilyn Baron
  5. Shadow of the Savernake: Book One of the Taxane Chronicles by Jayne Hackett
  6. The Crown Prince’s Bride (Royal Duology #2) by Donna Alward
  7. Legacy of Evil (Hotel LaBelle #2) by Sharon Buchbinder
  8. Growing Up Carrie by Ernie D Massey
  9. The Flight of Hope by H.J. Bellus
  10. Dark Retreat (EMP Lodge #1) by Grace Hamilton
  11. Sailing out of Darkness (Carolina Coast #4) by Normandie Fischer
  12. Starswept (Starswept #1) by Mary Fan
  13. Two from Isaac’s House: A Story of Promises by Normandie Fischer
  14. Suspended Game by Roz Lee
  15. A Different Kind of Lovely by Petra March
  16. Vigilance & Vengeance by S.D. Hintz
  17. Should’ve Been You (Man Enough #3) by Nicole McLaughlin
  18. Wicked Me by Lindsey R. Loucks
  19. The Voyeur Series (The Voyeur) by Ellis O. Day
  20. Awakening (Redeemer Chronicles #1) by Julie C. Gilbert
  21. Djinn by Sang Kromah

Except these lovely titles, I have some books which have been started in December and I do plan on finishing this month:

  • A Bargain in Silver (Solis Invicti #1) by Josie Jaffrey (finished, actually – review in progress)
  • Dream Me by Kathryn Berla
  • Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company’s Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible by Gregory V. Diehl
  • Silver Blood (Series of Blood #1) by Emma Hamm (finished, actually – review in progress)
  • Girl Unseen (Beyond the Grave #3) by Athena Daniels
  • The Duke by Katharine Ashe (Devil’s Duke #3)
  • A Wedding At Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer (Two Love Lane #2)
  • The Final Year Project by Mehana Usha Rani (finished, actually – review in progress)
  • Strictly Surgical Mila Mesa (Doctor/Patient, #1)

Now, let’s be honest and admit that I will not be able to finish all of them, even if I read all day. But I do want to read as many as possible and to finish the ones I’ve started. Half of them are audiobooks, so those ones will be easy to go through and others are quite short. I wouldn’t know which one to put aside. So, excuse me while I go read for …eternity!

Bye for now!

December TBR


December already (actually mid-December, but… ok)? Time flies by my friends! Everybody is out looking for presents, shopping for anything they may or may not need, traffic jams, people being late because of that, ladies in supermarkets with nervous faces…

But also the joy in seeing our loved ones, in spending time with family and friends, the children smiling all over town, Christmas and best wishes flying around. That’s December!

Since I will have time away from the office, I’m taking on yet another ambitious TBR. I also have two announcements towards the end of my article, so stand by and bear with me until I lay my books to read in December:

  1. Strictly Surgical Mila Mesa (Doctor/Patient, #1)
  2. A Dark Inheritance by Erme Lander
  3. Shake Up: An Edison Bay Romance by Joyce Palmer
  4. Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink (The Stone Series #1)
  5. Mistletoe by Sarah Stein
  6. Erase by by J.Y. Barris
  7. Fragile Chaos by Amber R. Duell
  8. Stepping Stone by Dakota Willink (The Stone Series #2)
  9. Dolphin Magic by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley
  10. The Final Year Project by Mehana Usha Rani
  11. Mountain Wolf Protectors Complete Series by Emilia Hartley (Mountain Wolf Protectors #1 To #4)
  12. Dolphin Song by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley
  13. Frede and Santa by Leen Lefebre
  14. A Wedding At Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer (Two Love Lane #2)
  15. F Is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders by Piu Marie Eatwell
  16. The Staff of Fire and Bone by Mikko Azul
  17. Tell It Like It Is by Stanalei Fletcher (Northstar Security #5)
  18. No Place Like You by Emma Douglas (Cloud Bay #3)
  19. Girl Unseen by Athena Daniels (Beyond the Grave #3)
  20. The Duke by Katharine Ashe (Devil’s Duke #3)
  21. Travel as Transformation: Conquer the Limits of Culture to Discover Your Own Identity by Gregory V. Diehl
  22. Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company’s Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible by Gregory V. Diehl

So these are my 22 books of December. Since putting this list together I have received three additional book review requests, which I hope to add in between these ones. I feel more confident than ever since my mood is improving with every good book I read.

I was mentioning about two announcements earlier. The first one is regarding a new book promotion company called Infinity Book Tours for whom I am making a little bit of promoting. If you want to know more about them, read my article here or follow the link in the promo box on the right side of this blog.


Second news is that I am co-hosting a readathon with a new friend of mine, The Bookish Fairy. She has created some time ago the Tackle That TBR readathon and this year she has invited me to co-hos with her. This is a great opportunity to follow up on all those long lost books on our TBR pile. We have an event page set up on Facebook (enter here) and as well a Twitter account @tacklethatTBR. I hope you’ll join us for a ton of fun, readingwise, during the holiday season.

Ok, time to wrap up this article! Let me know which books you plan on reading this month or what your plans of December are in the comments below and talk to you soon!


Happy (WINTER) Reading!

November TBR

November TBR


Wooho! Almost 12 days in the month and I’m only now checking my TBR. Out of the following titles, I have started with the first two books, for which I have already posted the reviews. As always, I want to read more than what I have planned, but lately I have not managed to read not even all the books in my TBR. Probably because I’m expecting to read a book a day and that’s not possible! (For me, at least). Without further whining, here is what I plant to read this month:

  1. Whiskey Witches by S.M. Blooding (Whiskey Witches, Book 1)
  2. Timeless by Michelle Madow (The Transcend Time Saga, Book 2)
  3. Rimrider by L.A. Kelley (Rimrider Adventures, Book 1)
  4. Blood Moon Magick by S.M. Blooding
  5. Angels’ Whispers by J. F. Cain (War Eternal #1)
  6. Chance@Love Trilogy (The Wandering Surfer Romance Bundle) by Luna Mitchell
  7. Bound by Shadows by Reily Garrett (McAllister Justice #2)
  8. Beneath the Lake by Casi McLean (Lake Lanier Mysteries #1)
  9. Asher Black by Parker S. Huntington (The Five Syndicates #1)
  10. The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri
  11. Moonchild by Kate L. Mary (Moonchild, #1)
  12. Enabled by Gustav J Phigeland (Enabled, #1)
  13. The Final Year Project by Mehana Usha Rani
  14. Initiation by Alyssa Tanner
  15. Catch Me If You Can by Miss Mae
  16. Like Broken China by J.D. Thompson
  17. Soul Bound: The Warrior by Jas T. Ward
  18. November Rain by Shannon A. Thompson (Bad Bloods #1)
  19. Space For Breathing: A Rock Star Romance by I.K. Velasco
  20. Life on Top by A. D. Hutchinson
  21. No Place Like You by Emma Douglas (Cloud Bay #3)
  22. The Sweetheart Mystery by Cheryl Ann Smith (Brash & Brazen #4)

Yup, again with the many books! It looks achievable, as some of them are audiobooks and some others are small. My plan is to try to recover some of the books I have long overdue. There are some non-fiction books I must red this month as well. I have not included them here because my unboxing article should come live soon.

Oh, and I plan to join the Tome Topple Readathon! I am working on my TBR for those weeks. So there are some books to be added J

So this is my reading list for this month, let me know what are your plans and talk to you in the comments J

October TBR


I have so many books for October and for at least half of them I have very high expectations! Since we are close to the end of October, I have already read and reviewed some of them but without prolonging this moment, here’s what I hope to read:

  1. Fracture by Kaitlyn Davis (Midnight Ice #3)
  2. The Punch Escrow by Matthew Mercer
  3. The Watcher of the Night Sky by Rachel Pudsey
  4. The Heart of the Alchemist by Penny Wells
  5. Unlikely in Love by Ashley John
  6. Love and Deceit by Cheri Champagne (Mason Siblings Series #3)
  7. Come Back to Me by Kathy Coopmans
  8. Stronger Within by Coral McCallum (The Silver Lake Series #1)
  9. A Season of You by Emma Douglas
  10. Impossible Depths by Coral McCallum (The Silver Lake Series #2)
  11. Screwed by Mike Owens
  12. Bounded Souls by Coral McCallum (The Silver Lake Series #1)
  13. Air and Ash by Alex Lidell (Tides #1)
  14. Remembrance by Michelle Madow (Transcendent Time Saga #1)
  15. The trouble With Love by Cheri Champagne
  16. The Dating Diet by Darla Lyons
  17. The Step-Spinsters by Madina Papadopulis
  18. West by Lizzy Ford (History Interrupted #1)
  19. Vengeance by Michelle Madow (Transcendent Time Saga #1.5)
  20. Rugged Texas Cowboy by Lora Leigh


To be honest, the list looked way better in my mind, with fewer books. There is no chance I can finish all of them, especially since the month is almost over and I can tell you I am only one third down. Still, I am quite optimistic. We’ll see in 2 weeks more or less (hopefully not more).

And while most of you are probably reading books with a Halloween theme or more appropriate for this celebration, I have a month of Romance reads. Nothing new in this department! As usual, I hope to achieve as much as possible. As I’ve mentioned before, my objective is to reduce my TBR pile (which has 3 more books since September). Leave a comment below with the books you still have to read for this month or links to your TBR. Till my next post, happy reading!

September TBR


Fall is starting! I love windy and rainy weather. It inspires me to read under a fluffy cover, with some hot tea J it’s just the perfect set up to improve my reading mood.

I have a pretty ambitious TBR this month, with some titles I am really excited about. At the moment, I am reading two books and listening to two other audiobooks. So I am already deeply into my list. Let’s see what I have planned for September:

  1. The Leftover by Brooke Williams
  2. Cover of the Night by Laura Griffin
  3. The Real Thing by Melissa Foster
  4. Retrograde by Peter Cawdron
  5. Holy Crap! The World Is Ending by Anna-Marie Abell
  6. Acer by Lilly Atlas (No Prisoners MC #3)
  7. Sweet Sacrifice by L.D. Rose (The Soulmate Tree #9)
  8. Monsters I Have Known by Jess Hartley
  9. Murthen Island by Marianne Ratcliffe (Tales of Golmeira #2)
  10. Touch of Fondness by Joy Penny (stay in Touch #1)
  11. Interviewing for Her Lover by Ellis Fay
  12. Corruption by Adam Vine
  13. Waiting for The Storm by Marie Landry
  14. Acting On Impulse by Mia Sosa (Love On Cue #1)
  15. Once a Rebel by Mary Jo Putney
  16. The Alibi by Marilyn Baron
  17. The Duke by Katharine Ashe (Devil’s Duke #1)


I have already finished books 2, 3 and 6 and I have started books 1, 5 and 10. I am planning on reading 4 extra books, but I have not added them here just in case I won’t manage and I am not even sure which 4 will be. As I was mentioning in my other articles, I have a big backlog of books which is waiting to be “cleaned”. I am not even sure how I’m going to read 4 (at least!) books a week, considering I do have a 9-hor job + sewing and crocheting. But I’m pushing myself to do it, especially since these are some amazing stories and I can’t wait to share them with you!

So, fingers crossed, and I’ll see you back with my Wrap Up to see the results. In the meantime, let me know down below what are the books you’re planning to read this month. Happy Reading J