Book Review(s): The Offsides Series

Right Text, Wrong Number
Offsides Book 1
by Natalie Decker
Genre: YA Sports Contemporary Romance
306 pages
Cheerleader Layla and football player Tyler are complete opposites. She thinks
he’s the biggest jerk in school and he thinks she’s too high on her
horse to even be worth a second glance. When the two of them are near
one another, sparks fly in all the wrong directions. They can hardly
endure speaking, let alone dating. 
But when Layla unknowingly sends Tyler a smack-down text meant for the
girl sending naked photos to her then-boyfriend, Adam, Tyler has no
idea it’s Layla and decides to play along. After all, Tyler cannot
resist messing with the pissed off girl firing off texts about junk
pictures, cheating, and girl code.
As the fallout from Adam’s scandalous texts plays out in front of the
entire school, Tyler and Layla secretly continue to text each other
using fake names. But as days and weeks pass, things take a turn for
the serious between them, and suddenly, their texts mean more. Maybe
it’s time to come clean about who they are and risk taking the
relationship from texts to dates, then kissing, and maybe more.
They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. Can reality live up to
the fantasy, or will Layla and Tyler be forever offsides?

My Review

The „Offsides” series is a good one to pass a weekend, dreaming about high school love and boy problems. I am not at all sorry to have spent a Friday and Saturday cozying with a nice cup of hot cocoa milk and these stories. So I am reviewing now both for you guys.

“Right Text Wrong Number” brings us Layla and Tyler, two high school students that can’t stand each other at all. They cannot be in the same room without bullying each other. But when she realizes her boyfriend was cheating on her, she writes a text to a number who is supposed to be the other girl’s. Little did she expect to have that text sent to Tyler. From here on, she finds a mysterious friend with whom she can be completely honest. Pretty soon, he’ll realize who the silly girl that texted him is and a battle will start between keeping their “text friendship” and appearances in school.

High school drama is all over this story. From parents too busy to care for their children, or children hiding from them to girl problems and betrayed friendships, this is your average love trouble any 16 year old may face. I liked how the couple behaved towards one another and how they came to learn things about each other. However, I think towards the end the action dragged a little. They were still arguing when things were pretty clear.

The book scores points from my end as it raises awareness towards the behavior teenagers have lately and how girls become easy (I hope I am allowed to use this term) and treat some intimate things lightly. But what most captured my attention was the fact that Layla is dyslexic. The author pointed out her struggle with coping with her problem and as well dealing with gossip about her not being able to read or write.

All in all, I am giving this book 3.5 stars (rounded to 4, only for these bonus points) and I do recommend it for a nice and quick read.

Right Kiss, Wrong Guy
Offsides Book 2
313 pages
You’d think a girl with the most romantic name in the world would have her
pick of boyfriends. 
But Valentine’s Day sucks when you’re single. Just ask Juliet Valentine,
whose last name happens to also be the name of the most dreaded
made-up holiday ever.
A romantic at heart, this year is especially hard on Juliet. Her
sister, Layla, is in a new relationship, her mom’s match-making
business is doing great, and her school’s new fundraiser is
Juliet’s miserable, a little jealous, and lonely.
Quarterback Jared Black is the most popular guy in school. A star athlete, Jared
tops the most-eligible bachelor list year after year. But to Juliet
Valentine, he’s all but invisible. She isn’t impressed.
Jared’s never had to work hard to get the attention of a girl before.
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and he’s determined to ask
Juliet out. After all, if Tyler can win over Layla, Jared ought to
have a shot with Layla’s sister.
Unlike Tyler and Layla, charm, flattery and good looks won’t work on Juliet.
So with the V-Day dance coming up, Jared uses the school’s
Love-Grams to let Juliet know how he feels. Should be simple enough,
Each attempt ends up either in the trash or thrown in someone’s face.
Juliet won’t play his game.
Now, without a date to the dance Jared realizes it’s going to take a
Hail Mary to win the girl of his dreams.

My Review

Now, moving on to “Right Kiss Wrong Guy”, this brings us Layla’s twin sister’s story and Jared (Tyler’s best friend). At the end of book 1 we find out that Juliet’s boyfriend has eyes for other girls as well. After finally taking a chance on having a social life and a boyfriend, she has her heart crushed and faith in football players ruined forever. Little did she know that Jared has had his eyes on her for quite a while. Now he has to score a lot of points to win her confidence.

This battle that Jared has is not only with Juliet’s strong mind, but also with her entourage. He has to win her back because he just cannot stand seeing another guy with her. So he uses the approaching Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy her secret presents. Faith has them partners in sole classes so he takes advantage of all these little moments he gets with her.

I liked it so much! I loved to see how Juliet’s heat melts piece by piece one she starts uncovering all Jared’s layers and once she understands he is really different. Her issues with football players will become a bad memory. But what I mostly liked about her was the way she owned her different character. She never tries to fit in. She is what she is, no makeup, no dress-up. Smart, strong and stubborn – I like it!

Without a doubt, 4 stars go to this book and all my happy thoughts to the author for this great high school romance book. Have fun reading J

Natalie Decker is the author of the bestselling YA series Rival Love, YA
series Offsides, and NA series Scandalous Boys. She loves her family,
her awesome dog, friends, carefree days, football, fuzzy blankets,
traveling, reading, cooking, writing, and is a huge Denver Broncos
fan. Her imagination is always going, which some find odd. But she
believes in seeing the world in a different light at all times. An
avid reader of everything. If she’s not at a Target or Starbucks
because those are her favs, she might be typing away on her laptop,
reading a book, hanging out with her amazing family, or she’s off
having an adventure. Because Natalie believes in a saying: Your life
is your own journey, so make it amazing!
She loves interacting with fans.
Feel free to follow her on any of her
social media accounts.
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Book Review: Girl Divided

Girl Divided
by Willow Rose
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

They think she’s a monster, but she’s their only hope…

In a divided nation, 14-year-old Jetta belongs nowhere. Her face is
split right down the middle: half-black and half-white. The non-white
residents of her New Orleans camp call her a demon. The white
oppressors who took over during the 2nd American Civil War have
called her much worse…
After years as an outcast, Jetta uncovers her true heritage as the daughter
of an African storm god and a Finnish death goddess. As she attempts
to harness her terrible new abilities to turn the tide in the war,
trouble comes to those she tries to help. Only Jetta has the power to
heal her divided homeland… or destroy everything in her path…
Girl Divided is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel infused
with magical forces. If you like immersive worlds, strong characters,
and a tale that reads like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King combined,
then you’ll love Willow Rose’s provocative story.
**On Sale for .99 cents!**

My Review


This was some book. It gave me so many mixed feelings. I wanted to hate it, to like it, to feel disappointed or in awe. The balance between the good things and the ones that I did not like is same as our main character, half-half. I will not dwell upon the story, as the blurb is very revealing. And to be honest, by the time I started reading it, I forgot what it was all about and dived right in blindly.

I was happy to discover an amazing character. The author has created a true heroine, one that does not shy away from responsibility, one that is brave enough to face an unfair world. The way her struggle of not belonging anywhere was described impressed me a lot. Even her tricks to try and fit in did not help. But she has always had a guide. Even after her grandmother passed away, she has found consolation in her spirit, always being there to remind her of her childhood stories about a god of storm and goddesses. Jetta evolves from innocent to warrior, a fighter for human rights.

The symbols behind “Girl Divided” are impressive as well. In a world where there is no grey, only black and white, pure and impure, Jetta is both. Jetta is the link between them. She will represent both parties. But will she be able to keep her good heart and her mind clear of darkness? In a world so judgmental, she is the savior.

While I loved all these aspects so much, I felt that the author took sides. The whites were to blame for this war, they were the bad party here. Also, the beginning was a little weird and I almost did not continue with it. Still, I decided to go ahead and I am happy to have done so.

All in all, Willow Rose is an exceptional writer. What she managed to create with this book is impressive and emotional. It will shatter your feelings, only to build up new ones. 4 stars and all may love to her for the amazing job she did with “Girl Divided”. It will for sure not be my last book written by her.

Note to my lovely readers:

We all have black and white inside us. We can be as good or as bad as we want. We can be as straight or …not straight as we please. As long as we respect each other, as long as we won’t lame our neighbors for the (ugly) music they play, we have our balance. Our soul is light and we must treat it lightly.

The Queen of Scream aka Willow Rose is a #1 Amazon Best-selling Author
and an Amazon ALL-star Author of more than 40 novels. She writes
Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Supernatural thrillers, and Fantasy. 


She lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her husband and two daughters.
When she is not writing or reading, you will find her surfing and
watch the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic
Willow’s books are fast-paced, nail-biting pageturners.
Several of her books have reached the Kindle top 20 of ALL books in the US,
UK, and Canada.
She has sold more than two million books.
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Book Review: The Voyeur Series

The Voyeur Series: Books 1-4
A La Petite Morte Club Series
by Ellis O. Day
Genre: Steamy Romance/ Erotica
 218 pages
When Patrick stumbles across a maid at La Petite Morte Club watching a
couple have sex, he can’t keep his hands off her. She’s cute,
sexy and kinky – just the way he likes his women.
Until he discovers that she’s the younger sister of one of his best
friends which means she’s in the “hands off” department.
Annie is tired of guys staying away from her because of her overprotective
brother. She’s determined to convince Patrick that she should not
be off limits and that his hands should definitely be all over her
This is a HEA standalone series meant for eighteen and up.
**On sale for .99 cents!!**

My Review

Let me start by saying that the heat level in this series is over the top! There are scenes that will blow your mind and twist your senses. Our main characters stay away from the real thing for most part of the story, but at the same time remain close enough to the flame to get burnt. After a brief explanation of the atmosphere, let’s see if there is anything else behind the hot parts.

Well…. Yes, but not as much as I would have expected. Patrick sees Annie and is quite captivated by the little maid, only to find out she is one of his best friends’ sister, this making her unavailable. Moreover, she is now under his protection, until said brother is found (details in the book). I liked the loyalty between these guys and the respect they have for their own private lives. I liked as well Annie’s wish to be independent and to work her way through life. She knows her boss is her brother’s best friend but she does not want any favors. The girl has dignity!

Still, I would have wanted more depth into the characters’ personalities. Also, the way they are instantly attracted to each other gave me the impression of being a little forced. I felt they were more driven by the scene they were watching, not the excitement of having seen one another. The overprotective nature of the guys around Annie was also exaggerated. I was waiting to see if the girl had anyone stocking her or if she was in the wrong kind of neighborhood. I would want to get away myself!

But all in all, this is a fun, quick read. I do advise you to read the entire series and as well as all other books by Ellis O. Day. She has a way with words and scenes that is off the charts! I liked it, 3.5 stars. Happy reading!

Ellis O. Day grew up with her nose buried in books and now enjoys writing
the kind of stories she loves to read. Romance—the steamier the
better. She believes that the cornerstones of all great romantic
relationships are: love and friendship, trust, attraction and
fabulous sex. Her stories contain all of these (especially the last
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Book Review: Mountain Wolf Protectors

Mountain Wolf Protectors Series
by Emilia Hartley
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Get the complete BESTSELLING Paranormal Romance Series packed with
Romance, Action, and lovable characters throughout!

The Mountain Wolf Protectors Box Set is complete with all the drama,
romance and suspense your heart desires. By the time you reach the
end you’ll be begging for more! This is one series you do NOT want to miss!


Book 1 – Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2 – Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 3 – Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4 – Married to the Mountain Wolf


What are you waiting for?
Jump right into the adorable story of Nova and Amara


Warning: This series contains lots of sexy shifter
action, irresistible mates and steamy love scenes. Tons of mouth
watering Paranormal Romance bonus content included!
More about the books in the box set:
Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 1
Amara’s life changed the moment she was attacked by a group of wolves. She
was only 15 at the time, who could blame her for ignoring her
grandfather’s warnings? She quickly began to believe all those
stories he told her about the wolves who protected their town,
Strathford. The wolves who could turn into humans. Shifters, as she
learned they were called.

Ten years had passed since then, and Nova still couldn’t forgive himself
for letting the Valley Clan slip into their territory unnoticed. If
only he had been there in time. Since that day, he made a vow to
himself to protect her, no matter what happens. Though he didn’t
personally know Amara, he felt a connection to her after watching
over her all these years. With his curiosity growing each day, he
finally decided to visit her at work. He’d talk to her for an hour,
settle his curiosity and then never speak to her again. Or so he
Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2
Two weeks after she started living on the Compound – the home of the
Mountain Wolves – Amara was getting anxious to return to her life.
She had a job, friends and family to return to. Not only that, she
had to make sure her sister was safe from her psychopath boyfriend,
Kal. If only she could tell Sadie the truth, that he was the wolf
shifter who wreaked havoc on Strathford for all these years.

As much as he wanted to protect her, Nova knew that he couldn’t keep
Amara from her life forever. He and the Mountain Wolves have been
vigilant in the fight against the Valley Clan, but they begin to lose
their footing as the attacks increase in frequency. When Nova is
reminded he has to protect his pack he has no choice but to bring
Amara with him, for her safety.
Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 3
Weeks after the war between the Mountain and Valley clans ended, resulting
in Kal’s capture, things were finally starting to get back to normal
for Amara. Well, as normal as they could be in preparation to marry a
wolf shifter. Before Nova and Amara they could officially be
considered mates, there were a series of trials that needed to be
passed. And if she were honest, the thought of failing scared her
more than anything. To make matters worse, her secret admirer just
began to tip the scale from flattery to all out stalker.

Even after Kal was captured, and the horrors Amara had faced in her life
were over, she still wasn’t completely safe. And that’s what angered
Nova the most. He just had to work that much harder at protecting
Married to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4
The day finally came. Ten years ago, Nova would have never imagined that
he’d be standing where he stood today. With the odds completely
against him, this wasn’t even a thought in his mind. The first night
he saw Amara seemed like forever ago and now here he was, standing,
waiting for his bride to meet him at the altar. Amara. His Bride. His
Mate. With all of the shit that had happened over the past few
months, he was finally glad to see his woman happy, in all her glory.
He wouldn’t let anything interrupt this day. Today will be perfect.
For Amara’s sake.

My Review 


Yes, a series that made me go all the way through the 4 books, because I liked it, not because I had all of them J Not sure how many pages there are in total, according to Goodreads, should be 675. So for 4 books, the length is not frightening. But regardless if it’s big or not, the story is very catchy and full of action. I liked that the author has kept as main characters the same couple from the begging till end and I like that we have a Beta’s story, not the Alpha. Let me give you an idea on what to expect from each book.

“Protected By the Mountain Wolf” brings the main characters, Nova and Amara together. Starting with the first wolf attack that she witnessed, Amara has had the impression of being watched. Little did she know that the wolf that saved her life years ago, is watching her every move, protecting her. Now, he can either satisfy his need of having her close for just a little while, or go against his Alpha and brother. Heat, lust and emotions follow the actions of this book, as it is more focused on how they meet and get to know each other. But when danger comes back and Amara is confronted with her past attacker, Nova is there to protect her. In book 1, he is more inclined towards his heart than his duty for his pack. He wants to protect his love at all costs.

“Adored by the Mountain Wolf” brings forward a more equilibrated couple. We see a change in both characters. Amara decides to fight her fears, especially now when Kai is so close to his family. Nova has to find a way to balance his duties as pack Beta and his love for a human. They have to face his people’s judgments and the unapproved stares of his mother. I would say the key word for this book is balance. It has enough heat and action to push you towards the next part of the story.

“Mated to the Mountain Wolf” has Amara in the center of attention. Now she has to win the pack’s confidence and pass the several trials that will put her dedication to the test, but as well she faces a stalker. Even if predictable, this is also full of action and eventful. We learn here more about Amara’s friends and they even try to renew their friendship.

“Married to the Mountain Wolf” is the last book in the series, where our characters have to close their unfinished business, while settling in the comfort of marriage. Amara will push her limits more than she ever thought, in her desire to protect her friends, but as well her pack. Also full of action, book 4 will keep you from putting it down. At least that’s what happened in my case.

This series is not only about love and loyalty, but also friendship and trust. The author has managed to captivate the reader’s attention by avoiding unnecessary items and made the book fluent and action packed. I loved it !

Reading wasn’t always Emilia’s passion, but over the years she developed an
irreplaceable love for books. She writes about large, protective
alpha males and their strong, sexy female mates. 
If you enjoy steamy shifters and fated mates, then you’ll LOVE Emilia’s
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Book Review: The Sweetheart Mystery

The Sweetheart Mystery
Brash & Brazen #4
by Cheryl Ann Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Harper Jane Evans is so over pro
cheerleading but she’s not quite ready for prison. Good thing she’s
got a badass ex-boyfriend ready to go to bat for her . . .
Sure, Harper made a few unsavory threats against her team’s manager—she’d
had a few drinks and she despised the skimpy uniform he expected her
to wear. That didn’t mean she wanted him dead. But when the sleazy
dude is found murdered in his tighty whiteys, Harper is the number
one suspect—and former FBI agent Noah Slade is the one man who can
help. Too bad she once told Noah she never wanted to see him again .
. .
Noah may have done a number on Harper’s heart all those years ago, but
he’s determined to do right by her now. Yet the fiery beauty isn’t
the only demon from his past, which makes hunting down a murderer by
her side . . . complicated—never mind the powerful attraction still
pulsing between them. Good thing he’s willing to do just about
anything to keep from losing Harper again. And an old love just might
bring her a new career—assuming she can stay out of jail . . .

My Review

What can you say about a book that makes you laugh at every page turn and, in addition, it adds a dose of mystery to it all? I had a lot of fun reading it and it is a book that I would recommend any time you want to just sit back, have a cup of smiles and put that tension away.

Cheryl Ann Smith’s book opens up with quite a murder scene and a suspect by circumstances. Harper is found next to her boss’s body and her big mouth is of no help. These two elements land her in jail and asking help from her high school sweetheart. Noah Slade is reluctant to help, especially if he takes into account how last argument (more than 10 years ago) ended. But, with a guilty conscience and Harper’s good looks, he gives into it.

The story is so funny, with so many come backs from the characters. The mystery surrounding the murder is also well created and it had me reading to the end to find out who did it, since we know for sure that our main character is innocent.  The author has created great characters that are a match to one another.

Harper Jane Evans has had her heart broken and unfortunately, the guilty guy is apparently the only one that could take her cries for help. However, she stands tall in front of all the accusations and fights for justice. And fights the attraction for Noah. He, on the other hand, wants more from her. But there are other important tasks at hand, like keeping her out of prison. The attraction is obvious from the first pages and goes on throughout the book, increasing.

Now, while there were elements that did make me laugh and did push me to the end of the book, I feel that the combination between, laughter, murder, love and other elements was a little too much at times. The author wanted to create a book that was of liking to a wider audience and the efforts are visible. Also, sometimes the irony of the events and dialogue it’s too much.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read and I had fun spending a few hours in the company of Harper and Noah, seeing as I’ve read it in one sitting. My final rating is 3.5 stars (4, rounded) and I am ready to pick up the next book by this author. Have fun J

National bestselling author Cheryl Ann Smith became hooked on
romance at age fourteen when she stayed up all night to read The
Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Her own writing journey
happened much later, when one afternoon she ran out of books and
decided to write her own. Previously, she has published five sexy
Regency novels and one novella with Berkley in her School for Brides
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Book Review: Once A Rebel

Once a Rebel
by Mary Jo Putney
Genre: Historical Romance

My Review

Mary Jo Putney is one of my favourite writers, when it comes to Romance or Historical Romance. I love her writing, I love her stories and her characters, so I was expecting a lot from this book. It is my first from the series, but I had no issues understanding the context.

Best friends come together after years apart. History repeats itself when Lord George Gordon Audley rescues his childhood friend Callista Brooke. In a time when America and England are at war, Callie tries to do the best for her new family and the people around her, while Gordon does whatever is needed to solve problems, as he puts it. They connect on a level that exceeds the friendship area, facing their attraction… and war.

When it comes to history, the author has very well documented the events from that time and has combined the war against two countries with the war against slavery. I admired Callie and her determination to fight against abuse and how she treated everyone equally, be they slaves or people of color.

The two best friends start to explore the physical attraction that is quickly building. Gordon is offering her away out of all her problems if she marries him. Yes, his request is not based on love but on a long friendship and this should be enough, since neither of them has the illusion of love. Still, their story has some bumps along the way that will keep the reader focused.

However, there are some items that did not stand well with me. At some point, the action felt dragged and there were some pages sort of unnecessary. As well, all the name changing between Gordon and Richard (the name that Callie calls him, is a bit confusing. I was expecting a lot more emotions between them, a deeper connection, but it never came.

With all my complaints, I did enjoy „Once A Rebel” almost as much as other books by Mary Jo Putney. It had some funny moments and kept me quite engaged.

“Putney’s endearing characters and warm-hearted stories never fail to inspire
and delight.”
 —Sabrina Jeffries
A Rogue Redeemed
As Washington burns,
Callista Brooke is trapped in the battle between her native England
and her adopted homeland. She is on the verge of losing everything,
including her life, when a handsome Englishman cuts through the
violent crowd to claim that she is his. Callie falls into her
protector’s arms, recognizing that he is no stranger, but the boy
she’d once loved, a lifetime ago.
Lord George Gordon
Audley had been Callie’s best friend, and it was to Gordon she
turned in desperation to avoid a loathsome arranged marriage. But the
repercussions of his gallant attempt to rescue her sent Callie
packing to Jamaica, and Gordon on a one way trip to the penal colony
of Australia.
Against all odds,
Gordon survived. Finding Callie is like reclaiming his tarnished
soul, and once again he vows to do whatever is necessary to protect
her and those she loves. But the innocent friendship they shared as
children has become a dangerous passion that may save or destroy them
when they challenge the aristocratic society that exiled them both….
Mary Jo Putney is
New York Times and USA Today bestselling
author who has written over 50 novels and novellas. A ten-time
finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA, she has won the
honor twice and is on the RWA Honor Roll for bestselling authors. She
has been awarded two Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards, four
NJRW Golden Leaf awards, plus the NJRW career achievement award for
historical romance. Though most of her books have been historical
romance, she has also published contemporary romances, historical
fantasy, and young adult paranormal historicals.
Mary Jo Putney,
Jo Beverley, Joanna Bourne, Patricia Rice, Nicola Cornick, Cara
Elliott, Anne Gracie, Susan King
 are the ladies otherwise
known as the Word Wenches. These eight authors have written a
combined 231 novels and 74 novellas. They’ve won awards such as the
RITAS, RT Lifetime Achievement award, RT Living Legend, and RT
Reviewers Choice award. Several of them are regulars on the New
York Times
 and USA Today bestseller lists.
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Book Review: Interviewing For Her Lover

Interviewing For Her Lover:
Six Nights of Sin (Book 1)
By Ellis Day
Genre: Erotic Romance
This is erotica with love. So, it’s only intended for those eighteen and

Sarah wants a lover, but she wants one on her terms. She doesn’t have
time to date and picking a guy up at a bar is not only dangerous but
it doesn’t guarantee he’ll let her act out her fantasies. When
she hears about La Petite Morte Club—a place for willing males and
females to meet with rules and contracts so that all parties leave
satisfied—she knows it’ll be perfect.
She signs up with the club and starts the process of finding the man
who’ll be her lover for six nights. Six nights of fantasy—his and
hers. Six nights of sex and then they’re done. Simple,
uncomplicated and fun, but she doesn’t count on Nick’s ability to
make her desire everything he has to offer and more.
This series has hot, steamy, sometimes kinky sex and is meant for
mature readers only (18 and older).


Interview with the Author
Q. – So, why should someone read the Six Nights Of Sin
Because it’s hot – really, really hot and it’s well written.
The story is kinky and erotic but at the core is love. The two main
characters must journey to find that love but it’s there waiting
for them if they’re willing to take a chance. For Sarah, this is
her second chance and perhaps her last if she doesn’t discover how
to move on from the past.
This series also has a rich, alpha male and who doesn’t love to read
about handsome, billionaires with hearts of gold? I know I love
reading these kinds of books and writing them. I truly believe that
one of the cornerstones of a great relationship is fabulous sex and
my books have that and more.
On top of all those reasons, you’ll get your first glimpse into La
Petite Morte Club—a sex club where almost anything goes as long as
the participants are willing. There will be at least four additional
series surrounding this club and possibly more, depending on what
characters pop out of the woodwork as we wander deeper into the club
and its activities.


My Review

This is a good start for a series that kind of intrigued me, mainly because of the characters. Sarah wants an uncommitted relationship, short term, purely physical, at the end of which both partners will be satisfied. After some interviewing and negotiations, she selects Nick. I will not insist on what happens next because there are only 63 pages.

Being this the first book in the series, it just shows the beginning of their relationship. But we do find out a lot of the characters ‘personalities. Sarah is a strong woman, with traits that balance each other. She knows exactly what she wants, but in the same time, she has a low self-esteem when it comes to her looks.  We get the smallest glimpse into her past and we can see she has her own issues to deal with. Nick is a man who doesn’t let a woman in charge. But he knows when to give in as well. Maybe out of conviction that in the end he will win. He seems arrogant, not in a disturbing way. There is one scene where he is superficial and it almost unnerved me. But I guess it’s understandable, because of the building frustration and all.

63 pages are definitely not enough, as it feels more like a teaser then an actual book. I did not understand some aspects of the story, which I would gladly discuss, were they not spoilers. But I am waiting on book no. 2 and I am hoping for some answers there. For the moment, I liked what I’ve read. Because of the short length, I cannot say if the series will be a great one or not (not yet). Still, we have a good start, that made me curious about what happens next.



Q. – Who should read the Six Nights Of Sin series?
These books are packed full of kinky, explicit sex with some bondage, bdsm
and submission scenes. So, they’re meant for mature readers of 18
years and older. I don’t gloss over the emotions or the actions.
It’s all there in hot, graphic detail, so get your glass of wine
and a fan, and enjoy Sarah and Nick’s adventure. Anyone college age
and older who likes contemporary romance, new adult and erotic should
love this series.
Ellis O. Day grew up with her nose buried in books and now enjoys writing
the kind of stories she loves to read. Romance—the steamier the
better. She believes that the cornerstones of all great romantic
relationships are: love and friendship, trust, attraction and
fabulous sex. Her stories contain all of these (especially the last one).
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