Book Review: The Trouble with Love


About the book:the trouble with love


Title: The Trouble with Love

Author: Cheri Champagne

Published: January 31st 2017 by Pandamoon Publishing

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


Lady Bridget Mason is hopelessly in love with her best friend, Major Charles Bradley. Since his return from war, however, something has changed him. He has stopped returning her letters, he gives her the cut direct, and when forced to interact with her, he is rude and downright unconscionable. Her hopes for a marriage with Charles have been heartbreakingly dashed.

The troubled hero…

Major Charles Bradley is in a fix. The very same men that kidnapped his sister and her new husband a few months past have given him a warning. They are coming after Bridget. He’d done his best to keep his two identities separate, but they are determined to clash. Despite doing his utmost to push Bridget away for her protection, his love for her has been discovered by his unnervingly indomitable enemy.

Their perilous love…

Charles must face his greatest challenge; he must protect Bridget at any cost. But, will his love’s big secret and Charles’ horrid treatment of her prove the task impossible?

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My Review:

I have started the “Mason Siblings Series” with book number two and by the time this review goes live, I would have finished book no. 3. Let me say this because otherwise I’ll forget. The way Cheri Champagne waves in the current story bits and pieces from the next book is fabulous. I like it, I like her! Ok, back to the book at hand.

Here we are, with the story of another Mason. Lady Bridget Mason has had her heart broken by her best friend and love, Major Charles Bradley, not only when he chose war over her, but also when his promises of marriage prove to be just words. Major Bradley is struggling to keep the love of his life away from his alter ego. But when this becomes impossible, me must find a way to protect her. A great love story, with a heavy dose of mystery and action, “The Trouble with Love” is just amazing.

Lady Bridget is unusually strong and determined for a lady of that era. It seems her only weakness are the feelings she has for Charles. The only times we see tears from her are when she is remined of her love or when she is worried for his safety. She knows how to behave in society, how to make use of her charms and even how to do some other… man-related activities.

Major Bradley tries his best to push back his love and lust for Lady Bridget, while keeping his secret activities…. Secret. But at some point, this becomes difficult to do. Then he will try to convince her he still cares. They are an explosion of emotions together. They are like fuel and flame. And I love it.

The war against Napoleon, the conspiracies from that period, are gently intertwined with the love story. Our author has done her fair share of documentation and for that she deserves my appreciation.

All in all, this was an amazing book, written by an amazing author. A bit of a spoiler from my next review, book no. 3 is even better. I loved it and if you like historical romance, this book should be a must for you.


About the Authorcheri champagne

I started writing as a child, and began reading historical romance novels at the age of fifteen. Finally, I combined my two passions and began writing steamy and suspenseful romances. I live in BC, Canada, with my husband, four young children, and our dog.

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Book Review: The Heart of the Alchemist

heart of the alchemist_banner

About the book:


Title: The Heart of the Alchemistheart of the alchemist

Author: Penny Wells

Published: August 13th 2017 by Blushing Books Publications

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


When the love of her life dumps her, Katie spends three years living with a broken heart.

Seeing him with his new fiancée prompts her to make some changes, but before she can, Katie is torn abruptly from twenty-first century Chicago.

Landing in Elizabethan England, she finds herself in a room with a handsome alchemist named

Robert. Unable to send her home, Lord Robert assumes the role of her guardian and helps her learn how to live in 1566 London. Robert’s father, the spymaster to Queen Elizabeth, sees the value in Katie’s knowledge from the future and allows her to come to court. Plunged into a world of scandals and secrets she doesn’t understand, Katie risks her life to earn Lord Robert’s trust.

As a man with questionable intent begins to pursue her, stirring Robert to jealousy, Katie discovers she may feel more for Robert than she thought. Being a woman in the sixteenth century where she may be disciplined, married off, or locked away is fraught with perils. But has Katie found love despite these dangers?

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My Review:

I think this is my first time travel romance, which is strange. How come I’ve never come across one? Ok, never mind. For one first time travel romance books I’ve ever read, this was not that bad, though I would have expected more.

The blurb describes well enough the plot but let me give you a bit more. Katie ends up in Lord Robert’s alchemy lab after his failed experiment to obtain gold. She finds herself in Elizabethan England, with no internet or phone (or denim), captive in a strange man’s house. But as scared as she may be of the entire situation, Robert has at least the same amount of worry. Step by step, they will earn each other’s trust and Katie will be thrown into a world of secrets and spies.

I have no complains when it comes to the writing, my main issues are related to how the story was built. For me, it was not very believable how easily Katie has forgotten about her family. I had the feeling her worry was mostly for the material things she would miss, not necessarily her loved ones.

As a trigger warning, there is a scene of violence towards her that was too much for me. I have not experienced such acts, but I would expect any woman to fight a little, not accept it and that’s it.

Lord Robert was living too much in his father’s shadows. He gave me the impression of being afraid of him, like he was cruel, old man. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad book, it has things that I enjoyed. As I was mentioning, the writing is not bad at all. For example, Lord Robert’s panic when he sees this strange woman, dressed in weird clothes, in his lab and the way he tries to deal with the situation are really some great scenes. The author has done a great research on the customs from that era, so the documentations is visible. The romance is built quite well also.

So yes, I am going with a 2.5 stars (round up 3 stars) for this one. I liked it, just that it could have been better. Let me know your thoughts below. Enjoy!


About the Author

Penny Wells has been writing stories since she knew what a story was. She loves reading penny wellsand especially enjoys a lush fantasy novel or an engaging historical drama. Wells lives in the United States with her husband, who is an avid reader of nonfiction. When she isn’t wrapped up in the consumption or crafting of words, she can often be found curled up with a warm drink and cozy craft.

Book Review: The Watcher of the Night Sky

watcher of the night_banner

About the book:

Title: The Watcher of the Night Sky (The Aronia Series Book 1)watcher of the night sky

Author: Rachel Pudsey

Published: June 11th 2016 by Pronoun (first published December 28th 2014)

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


Fifteen-year-old Abigail Crumble was never much for talking about love and marriage and other such nonsense – no matter how often her boy obsessed best friend pestered her to do so. Or so she so adamantly proclaimed.

Yet on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Abigail makes the biggest, most contradictory mistake of her life. She wishes on the stars for love, or even the smallest amount of attention, without knowing the full impact of such a feat.

Abigail soon finds her simple life in chaos as princes, men and mysterious creatures come to her door, each adamantly in love with her and refusing to leave her side.

Mixing fantasy and romance, The Watcher of the Night Sky begins the tale of one girl’s quest to rid herself of a curse that was definitely far more than she wished for.

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My Review:

There is a say: “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”. This is the perfect line that would go with this book. At her fifteen years, Abigail wishes she could be in the center of attention, like her beautiful best friend. She has been the source of many mockery and only in her better days she was treated with indifference. So why is she to blame for wishing some of that attention?

Things get out of control when a bunch of guys show up on her doorstep, asking for her hand in marriage. Now she must figure out under what kind of spell they are, if she has casted it and how. A lot of questions to be answered in just the right number of pages.

When it comes to our main character, the author has done a great job depicting her innocence. Her lack of knowledge when it comes to boys, love and marriage is almost tangible. She has no clue how to handle the hoard of men wanting her. But she is in for a major reveal soon enough.

The other characters are from very diverse worlds and they are unique in their behavior as well. At times, I got lost in all their banter and “fights” to win Abigail’s heart. It got so noisy and at some point, I wanted to get in there and yell: “QUIET!!!”, so that she can get some time out and figure things out. Sometimes, men can be frustratingly annoying!

The writing was not bad. It was simple and overly descriptive, but it served a purpose and went much in line with our characters and story. The beginning was quite slow and there are some scenes in which Abigail moved around town with all these strange men following her. This was kind of weird. But once the reader gets past that, all is for the better.

So this was a good start for a series. First book leaves you with a major cliffhanger, so be ready for Book No. 2. And take a moment to admire the cover! I love the moon, the dress, the dark colors… Yes!


About the Authorrachel pudsey

Rachel has been writing stories since as long as she can remember. An obsession with Point Horror books led to her first novel being written at the age of ten. Truth be told, it wasn’t very good.

The following years were spent writing, dreaming, reading thrillers, romantic comedies, fantasies, occasionally playing guitar, and dabbling in song writing.

Rachel was born and raised in Scotland. A graduate of psychology, she now resides in South Korea. She has dabbled in teaching children, but after a few blessed years has succumbed to teaching business English to adults in Seoul.



Book Review: The Leftover

The Leftover_Banner1

About the book:


Title:  The LeftoverThe_Leftover

Author: Brooke Williams

Published: September 1st 2017 by Boutique of Quality Books

Source: received from the author, in exchange for a review

Format: e-book


A reserved wallflower discovers that reality TV is the perfect backdrop to develop her confidence in this lighthearted rom-com. Megan Malone is the ultimate homebody. When her sister talks her into going on The Leftover, a local version of the TV show Survivor, she isn’t sure she’ll make it past the first vote. Meanwhile, Cane Trevino is nursing a broken heart by joining the show as a medic. With time away from his regular job and a dozen contestants to distract him, he hopes he can finally get over the woman he thought was “the one.

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My Review:

I was so excited when Brooke has agreed to send me a review copy!  I loved the cover very much and I must admit it was what most attracted me to read her book. Although it has some small issues, it is a great book and a nice love story.

Megan and Cane meet when she enters a competition called “The Leftover”, a TV Show similar to “Survivor”. Each participant has to pass some challenges, they all have to learn to work as a team in order to pass some of them until only one will be the leftover. Cane is the attending medic, while Megan learns how to leave her stress aside in front of the cameras and how to make friends.

Their love story evolves in a clean manner, you won’t see any cat fight but there is some intrigue. Megan has not had many interactions with people, as her job keeps her mostly in house. Cane is used to the cameras, as has met the one who broke his heart while at a TV show. They seem different in a way, but they will find a common ground and they will form a beautiful bound. The romance is clean, sweet and the relationship goes through the basic stages. The attraction is definitely visible, but they both want more. They are both looking for the emotional tie as well.

Megan is a character that evolves a lot throughout the book. She proves to be strong, she wants to get as far away as possible in the show but not because she thinks she can, or because of some kind of vanity. She just wants to make her sister proud. And she will come long way and evolve a lot! She is definitely my favorite character!

Cane is full of doubts when it comes to love and relationships. But to be honest, his reason is not as mature as I would have expected. He will criticize himself throughout the book, and for quite a good reason. I didn’t like him that much.

All in all, the book kept me till the last page, especially because I wanted to know who will win the competition. There are some twists and I think the suspense is especially due to the show. I liked it J I hope you’ll give it a try J

Book Review: Fracture (Midnight Ice #3)


Fracture TeaserWhen you fall for the devil, you’re bound to get burned.

Pandora Scott’s world has blown up once again, but this time she’s learned her lesson–saving the world isn’t a job she can do solo. She needs friends. But when her strongest ally also happens to be the boy who shattered her heart, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially since the person she has to destroy might just be the love of her life. With her fate hanging in the balance, Pandora’s got to make a choice. Forgive? Forget? Fight? Or falter? But everything changes when she realizes that the people she thought were heroes might be villains, and the good guys aren’t always as trustworthy as they seem…

Fracture is the third book in the thrilling Midnight Ice series–the brand new spinoff to Midnight Fire, a bestselling paranormal romance with over 200,000 copies sold and over 5000 5-star reviews on Goodreads!

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My Review

Amazing! This is how I would describe the third installment in the Midnight Ice series.  A turn to the story that is almost unbelievable. It is more than I would have ever imagined and expected. We have a more determined Pandora, on the verge of discovering her true identity and how to tap into all her power. I cannot tell you too much, as I would spoiler the previous parts, unfortunately.

But this time she is not alone. If in “Frost” she is on the run, trying to survive, alone and not willing to trust, in “Fracture” Pandora has allies, friends, people she can count on. She cannot finish this without them.  She is stronger and dedicated to her cause. She is spectacular!

“You look like crap.”

Naya didn’t bother to move except to arch a single pointed brow, amber eyes flashing. “Let’s see how you do after a few weeks of torture. I’m happy to start right now.”

In this book we have this struggle, this fight between good and bad, right or wrong, light and dark at its finest. It is incorporated at so many levels. Is Sam trying to clean his soul for Pandora? Are the titans good or bad? Do their actions have good or bad intentions behind or the desire to prove they are these mighty creatures? Is Pandora innocent or guilty? Did she determine Sam going bad? So many questions arise and somewhere in the middle of the book I wanted to find out more. I wanted to go deeper with every page.

Looking back to the other two books, I stopped to wonder if this series has gone a long way, if the characters have matured, if the action is the same of it has evolved. Well definitely yes. Everything is now different, everything is now so much complex. So yes, you will not get tired of the same old Pandora and her doubts.  Kaitlyn Davis is an auto buy author for me, she is fantastic. She has this gift of mixing words with feelings and emotions just to create memorable stories.

Forgiveness is about releasing the pain, releasing the blocks in your own heart, releasing anything and everything that is stopping you from being happy. But forgetting is something else entirely. And, well, whether you do or you don’t, that’s up to you.

An obvious amount of 5 stars and I do recommend the series – In case you haven’t figured that out. Start with book one, which is just 0.99 $ for a limited time only. If there ever was a series I wanted to see as a movie, this would be it! But on second thought, I’m not sure the movie would give justice to the way it’s written. Ok, I’m shutting up now J Happy reading!

P.S.: This quote describes it perfectly:

This isn’t my first time saving the world, and if there’s anything my past experience has taught me, it’s laugh whenever you get the chance. You never know what shit-storm is going to come next.

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About the Author

Kaitlyn Davis, a bestselling author with over a quarter of a million books sold, writes Kaitlyn Author Photoyoung adult fantasy novels under the name Kaitlyn Davis and contemporary romance novels under the name Kay Marie. Publisher’s Weekly has said, “Davis writes with confidence and poise,” while USA Today has recommended her work as “must-read romance.”

 Always blessed with an overactive imagination, Kaitlyn has been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to share her work with the world. When she’s not daydreaming, typing stories, or getting lost in fictional worlds, Kaitlyn can be found playing fetch with her puppy, watching a little too much television, or spending time with her family. If you have any questions for her–about her books, about scheduling an event, or just in general–you may contact her at:

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Twitter: @DavisKaitlyn










Book Review: The Mistletoe


About the book:

Title: The Mistletoe

Author: Patricia Catacalos

Published: November 14th 2014 by Smashwords Edition

Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: epub


England 1874…The irresponsible Marcus Brody is suddenly guardian to his recently deceased brother’s three little girls. Christmas is fast approaching and he needs feminine help from the children’s maternal aunt, a reclusive young widow, Lady Alyssa, who wants nothing to do with her nieces. But in soliciting Lady Alyssa’s help, is Marcus unknowingly drawing her into a paranormal encounter with Spirits warning of mortal danger.

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My Review:

My second book by Patricia Catacalos has not disappointed me at all. I loved every page and it held me captive between its lines. I was not quite quick to write my review though – kind of lazy.

The main characters evolve from the beginning till the end of the story and the beauty is they evolve together, helping each other, leaning on one another. Marcus meets Lady Alyssa at his niece’s birthday party and his interest in her is quite evident. Still, her being married and his lack of commitment make any kind of intimate relation impossible. However, time will do its magic and bring them close, unfortunately by means of a tragedy. What happens next? You’ll have to read through the book.

What I mostly liked about the story was how well the characters evolve together. Alyssa will overcome her fear of men and society with Marcus’ help, while he will start focusing on having a family, hopefully with the lovely Lady. But there are people who do not desire their happiness. There are traps, deceiving and there is envy.

Same as in her other book, “The Aura Of The Crescent Moon”, we have again a situation of abuse, this time we have a woman abused by her husband. The consequences are way beyond physical pain. The trauma is well presented, but the author has insisted more on the recovery process. I do appreciate when this subject is not treated lightly and I believe the author has done another great job.

A small spoiler alert: there is something that is not as believable as the rest of the book and that seems kind of out of theme. One of the children has some outwardly help and tips her aunt and uncle of the bad things to come. I cannot say I hated the idea, but it just doesn’t feel well. Other than this, no other complains.

After two books by this author, I find myself enjoying Patricia Catacalos’ writing and her stories. Even if I liked more “The Aura Of The Crescent Moon” (review can be found here), I did enjoy “The Mistletoe” and I hope You’ll give it a try as well. Enjoy J


About the Authorpatricia

Patricia Catacalos holds a BA in Theatre from Seton Hill University and a MA in Theatre from the University of Denver. Years ago, when still single, she acted in and directed plays in the Philadelphia area but suffered the fate of many artists, struggling financially. So, she entered a career in sales but her creative spirit needed to express itself. So approximately eight years ago, she started writing historical romances. Many of the historical romances have a subgenre of mystery and/or the paranormal. She discovered that writing historical romances and ultimately, mystery/intrigue is her passion. Currently, she has written twenty novels and novellas.

She has been happily married for twenty-eight years to a loving and supportive man with a Greek heritage (which influenced a couple of her novels) and they live in southern New Jersey.

Book Review: Soul Awakening

About the book:soul

Title: Soul Awakening

Author: Paul Lonardo

Published: May 24th 2017 by Inkspell Publishing, LLC

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: ebook


Something otherworldly is happening in a small Texas town.

As a small Texas town mourns the tragic death of its high school football star, Alecia is struggling to adjust to life without the boy she has dated since sixth grade and thought she would be with forever.

When Braden comes to her as an apparition, she finds herself falling for Riley, Braden’s best friend and teammate. Has Braden returned to spy on her, or for some other reason?

Alecia’s not sure, but she soon realizes she must find a way to accept Braden’s death and welcome love back into her life, or risk losing everything.

The Power of Secret Love changes everything…

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My Review:

It’s incredible how, in less than 70 pages I managed to cry, be enraged and hope again for and with the main character. the author did such a great job with Alecia and her emotions, that everything she was going through managed to reach me – the reader.

After her boyfriend’s death, Alecia feels lost and more alone than ever. She and Braden have been together since sixth grade, they shared a numerous amount of moments, some of which she remembers throughout the book. She has a very difficult time accepting his passing and only when Braden’s spirit appears, she starts focusing on life again. A love that reaches from beyond to help her living and hoping again. I loved it!

Alecia will become moral support for Riley, Braden’s best friend. She will help him move on from his grief and guilt and encourage him not to give up on his dreams. Riley on the other hand will be the only one to understand her loss, he will be the only one she could talk to. With a mother unable to comprehend her daughter’s feelings, Alecia will have to lean on her boyfriend’s ghost and his best friend.

Paul Lonardo’s story has a very powerful message. One can still hope for the best after a terrible loss. One should honor that person’s memory, by living a life in the most beautiful way possible.

Suffice to say “Soul Awakening” deserves my 5 stars. I was so lucky to have received a complimentary copy in exchange for my review and I cannot wait to read more by this author.


About the Authorpaul


Paul Lonardo has published both fiction and non-fiction. He has had titles excerpted in Reader’s Digest and reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly.

FROM THE ASHES became the basis of a 2013 documentary web series, THE STATION, which he produced. Paul was interviewed as part of NBC’s documentary program featuring the true crime story depicted in his book CAUGHT IN THE ACT.