Audiobook Review: Semester Aboard

Author: Elizabeth Kirke

Narrator: Starla Huchton

Length: 14 hours and 34 minutes

Publisher: Elizabeth Kirke

Released: July 4, 2018

Genre: Young Adult; Fantasy

Jen Maddox is a few days into her summer study-abroad program and has loved every moment on her cruise ship turned college campus. Everyone tells her the experience will change her life, but none of them realize just how right they really are.

One night, Jen goes out on deck and encounters five other students. She knows Charlie from one of her classes, and he’s a funny, friendly, regular guy. Picture-perfect Dani and his gorgeous wife, Mariana, live right down the hall from Jen, and she has seen TS, who’s built like a truck, around the ship, and recognizes the cute but quiet Thomas as well.

Then Jen sees something that isn’t humanly possible. Jen would have thought that it was all a dream if not for the fact that Charlie, Dani, Mariana, TS, and Thomas are making every effort to cover it up. Suddenly, the five of them are everything but normal, and Jen is determined to figure out what they’re hiding.

When she does, her life really does change. Jen expected to spend her summer studying the cultures of Latin America; she never dreamed she’d learn about a magical culture instead.

But Jen’s childhood fantasy come true is about to turn into a nightmare; there’s something on the ship. Something dangerous. Suddenly, everyone on board is threatened by a creature that Jen never even believed existed. Jen and her new friends might be the only people who can stop it!

Now Jen has to learn everything she can about her new world before it kills her. And her friends. And maybe everyone on the entire ship.

Elizabeth Kirke lives with her husband, two young sons, a hound-mix, and two turtles. She wanted to be an author before she even knew what an author was. She used to say that she wanted to be an artist, but that was only because she was too young to write and had to tell stories with pictures instead. She hasn’t stopped writing since she learned how. It wasn’t long before she dreamed of becoming an author and couldn’t be happier now that that dream is a reality.

If she isn’t writing, she’s probably doing something involving books, baking, gardening, or yarn.

Like most slightly-nosy, avid readers, Elizabeth can’t resist trying to catch a peek at books she sees people reading when out in public to see if she can figure out what it is. While doing just that one day, she realized that it would probably be the coolest-thing-ever if she caught a complete stranger reading one of her books. That’s her new dream.


Narrator Bio

Since debuting her narration skills in 2009, Starla Huchton has lent her voice to many podcasts and audiobook productions. She has read both character parts and main narration for authors such as Tee Morris, Philippa Ballantine, and Lindsay Buroker, and her work spans across both fiction and non-fiction in multiple genres.




What we have here is … great! You know how they say that books are like a door to another realm ? Or like a mirror into someone else’s existence? Well, this is the case with this book. “Semester Aboard” is a world of magic, on a ship, where teenagers learn and experience new places and much more. It’s so complex and so gripping!  

Jean has seen something that she shouldn’t have and with that, she is pushed or dragged right into this magical world she had no idea it existed. I don’t want to tell more as this book will surprise you with every chapter, every page. I’m just saying that we have a very interesting magical system, we have a lot of magical beings, for all tastes and preferences, we have a lot of twists and a lot of moments that will keep you wanting more.  

The characters are all interesting, not only for their abilities but also as individuals. One is funny, another is more serious, we have a relationship that has been going on for some time, we have a relationship forming. We have friendship that builds surely, but gets stronger by the page. I love their interaction and the dialogue is very interesting and funny at times.  

Another interesting fact is that, while we have a world of magic unfolding before us, we have a group of students aboard a ship, on sea, traveling from place to place and studying. So while we get to see that on board, we see a lot of the outside world. The descriptions are fantastic and I felt a part of their trips and explorations.  

While I had the advantage to listen to the audiobook, this is still a 14h audio. But the narrator did a wonderful job in my opinion. The way she acts each character helped me experience their emotions better and made me even more addicted to this novel.  

All in all, Elizabeth Kirke has created something that I love and I want so much more! I cannot wait to read more of this world and follow up on the characters. They evolve so much in “Semester Aboard” so I am curious to see what will happen next. Amazing!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Elizabeth Kirke. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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Book Review: Dickensen Academy

Dickensen Academy tour banner

Dickensen AcademyDickensen Academy Book Cover
by Christine Grabowski
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: September 12th 2018
The Wild Rose Press, Inc


This school may be her dream come true…or her worst nightmare.

Dickensen Academy isn’t a typical boarding school. The faculty is hiding an unbelievable secret within their fine arts program. When Autumn Mattison receives an invitation to attend the high school, she yearns to escape her overbearing father yet remains reluctant to leave her mother and brother. Her doubts fade away when a vivid dream convinces her she belongs there.

Away from home, Autumn discovers a unique school environment that awakens her creative potential, and her new friends become like a second family. However, as she uncovers more about the dark side of the school and struggles with its curriculum, she questions whether Dickensen Academy is truly where she belongs.

When tragedy strikes, Autumn must learn to believe in her own power and stand up to her greatest fear or risk having her memories destroyed to protect the school’s secrets. Caught between secrets and dreams, can she find her true self?

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Book Trailer:

My Review

This was such a refreshing novel! I loved the setting, I loved our main character and her decision to succeed. There are so many interesting things happening here, but the most important of all, we see a young teenager develop. That’s what captured me.

In a world where we now lose sight of how to create a moral support for our kids, we have a book about a girl who only wants to succeed and be great in school. Yes, she has a strict family and yes, this is a book in which things can happen as the author imagines them. But Christine Grabowski managed to create a character that should inspire our young generations. Autumn Mattison is starting Dickensen Academy, a boarding school that is out of the ordinary. The school has secrets and its students help nurture them. Autumn must be special in order to be fully accepted. She needs to have some special skills or abilities to be able to rise to the school standards. So she pushes herself harder and harder.

The action is very interesting, easy to follow and with twists and unforeseen events. But what mostly captured my attention was Autumn and her relationship with her family, with her new friends and with herself. She experiences a deeper connection with Ben, a friendship that may turn into more. She becomes a more matured version of herself. The academy has shaped her well, as it should have.

As sated a bit earlier in my review, we live in a world where technology dictates. Our kids (generally speaking, as mine are not born yet) spend more time with a video game than face to face interactions and we, as adults, need to guide them to the right direction and teach them how to never give up their dreams and always fight to achieve them.  That’s the beauty in this book. I would have wanted to see more from the other characters but all in all, I’m giving it a 4.5 star rating. Beautiful writing, I’ve flown through it. I hope you’ll like it as well J

About the AuthorChristine Grabowski

Dickensen Academy is Christine’s debut YA novel. After graduating from the University of Washington, she earned her MBA at the University at Albany. She honed her technical writing skills in marketing and consulting but attributes the creative part of the process to her passion for reading.

When she isn’t reading or writing, Christine can often be found running, skiing, or hiking. She lives in Newcastle, Washington, with her supportive husband, two avid teen readers, and their energetic wheaten terriers.

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Book Review: Superhero High

Superhero High
T.H. Hernandez
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: July 5th 2018
Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Annarenee Stevens is the sole member of her family without a super power. The only time she feels powerful is in the pool. With her sights set on swimming for U.C. Berkeley, she’s ready to win it all at the State championship and secure her future.

When the government unexpectedly ends the secret Genetically Enhanced Asset (GEA) program, Annarenee is uprooted from Dayton, the only home she’s ever known, and relocated to San Diego with all of the other GEA families. Queen of her public school, Annarenee is just another zero at Superhero High, a school without any sports teams.

With the end of the program, her hero older brother now needs a college education, too, meaning the only way Annarenee is getting into Berkeley is on a scholarship. Her dream is slipping through her fingers, no matter how tightly she clings to it. To make matters worse, super hot superhero, Ren Gonzalez, is paying too much attention to her. The kind of attention that has Ren’s ex-girlfriend intent on making Annarenee’s life even more miserable.

But when heroes begin disappearing, zeros and heroes will be forced to team up in order to solve the mystery. If they don’t kill each other first.

Goodreads / Amazon

Author Bio:

T.H. Hernandez is the author of young adult books. The Union, a futuristic dystopian adventure, was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego book awards in the Young Adult Fiction category.

She loves pumpkin spice lattes, Game of Thrones, Comic-Con, Star Wars, Doctor Who marathons, Bad Lip Reading videos, and all things young adult, especially the three young adults who share her home.

When not visiting the imaginary worlds inside her head, T.H. Hernandez lives in usually sunny San Diego, California with her husband and three children, a couple of cats, and a dog who thinks he’s a cat, affectionately referred to as “the puppycat.”

You can find her online at

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


My Review

Oh, this was such a great book! The writing was great, the plot was easy to follow and the main character is so relatable. I loved every aspect of her story.

I will not get into the plot details, as there is so much to say about the overall picture and what I understood form the story. But we meet Annarenee, a normal teenager, with no special talent or special abilities, leaving in a family of special people. We see her normal life, with normal friends, normal (horrible) boyfriend and all that is related to a plain teenage girl. However, her life suddenly changes when a decision is taken to move all the special people to a location. She now changed school as well and is forced to survive (mentally) in a place where only superheroes belong. She is quickly labeled, viewed as weak and unimportant, until someone notices how special she really is. Ren becomes her own hero and they develop into more than friends. Things get even more intense when people start disappearing. And here I will stop.

Annarenee is a great representation of a teenager forced to suffer the badmouthing and labeling in high school. She is viewed as less than others, she is inferior and has no place in a world of superiors. This idea was highlighted may times throughout the book and made me think about other situations where we may quickly judge others, without really seeing their value. Her strong personality and even the warmth of her character is predominant and help her succeed. Her involvement in the mystery of the missing person’s cases will be her opportunity to shine. But not on her own.

Her relationship with Ren is so intense! They have an instant connection and become close quite fast. But it all felt normal. They form such a beautiful couple and he is the most amazing guy ever! I liked how the romance was added in the mix of it all.

“Superhero High” was a very enjoyable read and I am very happy to have discovered how much I like  T.H. Hernandez’s writing. I loved the ending, as it gave us the idea that everything was back to normal and AR comes back to worrying about teenage stuff. Yes, a great book ! 5 stars  🙂



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Audiobook Review: Zach

Author: Lilly Atlas

Narrators: Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard

Series: Hell’s Handlers, Book One

Length: 8 hours 24 minutes

Publisher: Lilly Atlas Books LLC

Released: Jul. 23, 2018

Genre: MC Romance

Toni’s no stranger to making mistakes. She has experienced firsthand how walking down the wrong path can send life spiraling out of control. Fortunately, she had someone to drag her from the gutter and help set her on the right track. As penance for the poor choices of her past, she pledges to suppress her baser desires and focus on finding a steady, dependable man, even if that means embracing a boring lifestyle.

The last thing anyone would call Zach is dull. As Enforcer for the Hell’s Handlers MC, he embodies the outlaw lifestyle. When Toni moves in next door, Zach can’t resist the possibility of a quick, hot fling. But he soon discovers she’s not the easy conquest he’s used to.

While Zach works to convince Toni she belongs in his bed, a tenuous relationship with a local gang disintegrates and threatens his MC family. Zach’s world is turned upside down when he’s unable to keep the danger from touching his club.

As Toni fights to resist Zach’s pull, her own peace is shattered by demons from her past. With enemies both old and new barreling down, she throws out her rules and turns to Zach for aid. Soon, she finds herself firmly entrenched in Zach’s dangerous world.

Is it possible for her to curb her desires, or is she doomed to repeat the mistakes of her past?

None of it will matter if Zach can’t keep their enemies at bay.


Lilly Atlas is the contemporary romance author of the award-nominated No Prisoners MC series. She’s a proud Navy wife, mother of two spunky girls, and one crazy pug. Every time Lilly downloads a new EBook, she expects her Kindle to tell her it’s exhausted and beg for some rest. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet, so she can often be found absorbed in a good book.


Narrator Bio

Noah Michael Levine is an Audie Award-Winning audiobook narrator and producer living in beautiful Nyack, NY. His over 180 titles include almost every genre. While he loves his work completely – and collaborating with all kinds of different authors, he does not love writing about himself in the third person.




Narrator Bio

Erin deWard is an Audie Award-Winning narrator with over sixty titles in genres ranging from Spirituality to Young Adult to Adult Contemporary and others. She’s worked on stage, screen, and behind the mic for over thirty years. She is beyond grateful to have come to this place in her life and thanks all of the people and organizations that sped her on her way.

In addition to her love of acting, Erin is passionate about her work as an audio describer, translating visual images in media and performance into aural pictures for people who have low or no vision. She studies and performs Shakespearean text and can most frequently be seen cavorting onstage with The Strange Bedfellows, the adult troupe of the Children’s Shakespeare Theatre of New York.

Erin lives in lovely Nyack on Hudson, New York with her husband, daughter, sometimes her college-aged son, and two ill-behaved but loveable dogs, Annie and Benevolio.

Proud member of SAG/AFTRA


As any book by Lilly Atlas, this is a 5 star read for me. Why ? Because her books have the perfect combination for my taste. She has characters with baggage and knows how to integrate it into the sorry. They are strong, they are willing to overcome any obstacle and do not act childish at all.

Even from the first chapters, I was so anxious to know what Toni’s story is and how will she manage to accept Zach’s position as the club Enforcer. Ok, a little bit of details about the plot: Toni returns to her hometown after her parents’ sudden death. She is now the owner of the down diner and makes it available to bikers. Her parents would have never agreed to such a decision and her upbringing was very strict. Still, now she has a different approach, even if she has no intention of staying. She has a boyfriend who’s waiting for her, a job she loves and she has no intention of managing the place for long.

Seeing the new girl in town, Zach is immediately attracted to her and he wants to make her his, even if for the sake of a quick fling. None of them ever expected to become more. Club business interferes with their relationship and somehow, Toni becomes key.

 Out of the two main characters, I loved Zach better. His dedication towards his club, his qualms of conscience are so intense and genuine. I felt like he was the soul and the main driver of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Toni as well. I just thing that she could have used a little more touch here and there. She becomes a completely different person when she is back in town and her boyfriend is an even bigger surprise. I don’t know why this whole thing didn’t sit well with me.

As for the narration, there are few words to say. I have praised already the duo Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard because they do such a great job together. The alternating reading, the emotions they share through their voices are amazing to say the least! Oh, and Noah has such a dangerous voice, perfect for a biker (I hope he’s not reading this!) 🙂

Believe me, a more thorough reviewer would probably give this book a 4 star rating maybe. But there are things which compensate any other negative aspect. The fact that this is a book that grips you from the very beginning, the MC guys are amazing, the angst, the emotions, the desire, the passion, the balance between said passion and the action, all these are exceptional. Oh, and I am a Lilly Atlas fan.

The promise for what’s to come blew my mind. “Zach”’s ending is a promise for a much bigger story. I am so excited to read about the other MC members and “Maverick” will be fantastic to say the least! I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. I haven’t read the blurb yet and I am so hyped for it! Until my next review, happy reading!

P.S. : I have so many more things to say about this book, I probably need another article!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Lilly Atlas. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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Audiobook Review: Flash Point

Author: Ronelle Antoinette

Narrator: Ginny Ross

Length: 9 hours and 23 minutes

Publisher: Ashley Miller

Released: June. 19, 2018

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Scandal will shake foundations.

A night of careless passion leaves Battlemage Jex Xander and Adept Enari Alycon in a precarious position. Long-time lovers they might be, but the Imperial ambassador and the daughter of Egalion’s High Mage have rather public roles in the court – whether they wish it or not – and scandal couldn’t come at a worse time.

Treachery will tip balances.

When a hostile kingdom reluctantly agrees to parley, the fate of 2,000 years of peace is on the line. In the midst of negotiations, Enari becomes the target of one of the Greater Maelstrom. She and Jex must race against time to save her life and that of her unborn child. What happens when an earth-shattering secret, a demon bent on destruction, and a kingdom teetering on the brink of war collide is anyone’s guess.

Choices will have consequences.

The decisions of a few will determine the fate of many, and who, or what, will remain standing in the end is still uncertain. Hearts and lives are on the cusp of irrevocable change…and not necessarily for the better.

And secrets? Those will change everything.


Ronelle Antoinette lives in western Colorado with her husband, two cats, and a dog who is convinced he’s people. While not a mother to any kids of the human variety, she’s an auntie to what should qualify as a small army. Ronelle is an unabashed caffeine addict, chocoholic, and hopeless romantic who has carried on a passionate affair with the genre of fantasy since she was old enough to read ‘chapter books’

She dabbled in creative writing for many years before making it a career. (She even considered it as a major in college, though she ended up getting a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology.) She published her first fantasy romance novel, “Errant Spark”, in July of 2016 and followed it up with “Flash Point”, which was chosen as a fantasy finalist in the 2017 Book Excellence Awards.


Narrator Bio

Ginny Ross was born and raised in England and spent many years traveling around Europe. She married and moved to the States over 20 years ago, and is now loving life in the mid-western U.S. raising her two teenage children and assorted pets who consider themselves to be a part of the family.

When she’s not narrating books, she travels, sews, and spends time with family and friends.She found she has a knack for narrating as a result of her love of books and acting in her youth, and it made for a perfect union when she began to perform audiobooks and bringing the characters to life.

Ok, I have listened to book 1 and 2 in the last two days and I have fallen in love with the series. I am crazy for Jex and his magic, I love Enari and her strangeness – more in book 1 than in the second – and I loved the plot a lot!

Taking into account this is the second book in the story, I agree with what other people say that it can be read without taking into account “Errant Spark”. But, as I was expecting, some aspects of the story, especially when it comes to the political aspect or even understanding Jex and Enari better, as separate individuals, may seem incomplete without reading Book 1.

Our main characters are reunited after time apart and start a new journey together. New challenges face them – family and politics always in the mix – and they have important decisions to take. I liked how well the author balanced character and plot evolution and how the romance and court discussions were wrapped around one another. And speaking about character evolution, both Enari and Jex have come a long long way since “Errant Spark”. The author took care not only about their relationship as a couple, but as well about their individual growth and I loved that. They both make mistakes, none of them is perfect and that makes them more human, more close to our lives (if magic and kings were still around – kings like with swords and knights.. ok, swords and kings are still around in some places, and knights as well I think… I’m babbling, aren’t I ??? – Sorry! )

Narration – it took me some time to get used to the narration, as Ginny Ross has a strong accent and for a non-native English user like me, it can be quite difficult. But her pronunciation and her voice acting were very well executed. I liked her style and I liked her! Nothing to complain here either. I liked the musical intro – I aways like musical intros, they are like an invisible invitation. If the music is aligned with the theme, it can do magic for an audiobook, even if just for a few seconds.

All on all, I loved the series, I loved the characters and I love how the author manipulated all the threads in the plot. It is a series worth reading and a story worth talking about! Congratulations and 5 stars!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Ronelle Antoinette. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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Book Review: Starburst

A Place To Call Home Book 1
by KAE Galla
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Nova spent years in a world she didn’t belong, never knowing who or what
she is. Years of questions and confusion, but the time has come for
her to find out who she really is and where she belongs. Does she
have a family that misses her? Have they been looking for her all
along? Are there others like her? What could possibly have happened
to bring her into the human world when she was so young?
The answers to all her questions are out there somewhere, and it’s time
she found them. It won’t be easy, it may even be dangerous, but
it’ll be worth it. Finding her family is only the first step, from
there she will have to piece her life back together as she learns the
differences between who she is and who she was meant to be. What will
happen when she’s thrown into a world she knows nothing about?
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My Review

These past days I have read so many great books, I feel I cannot stop. Every book I read makes me jump immediately to the next, as they are so great and I cannot wait to discover what the next one is about.

“Starburst” is such an amazing journey towards discovering one’s origins, fighting for a legacy and for love. This is a book that speaks of determination, of strength and friendship. I loved it so, so much! This is one story full of everything your heart may desire.

Nova is looking for her origins. Her strange abilities intrigue her more and more. She is trying to cope with all these changes as best as she can and lucky for her, she has a friend in Nash. With his help, she finds the courage to face her nightmares, she finds the courage to search for her past, so she can build a real future.

We have action all the way, from beginning till end. We have unexpected situations which will test Nova at every step. It is a book that keeps you wanting for more with every page that is turned. There is no doubt what’s at stake and we see our main character evolve and become so much more. She deals with a lot, she is afraid and she has images that always come back to haunt her. Somehow, she needs to know the truth.

I liked this first installment, as it is not an exaggeration of events, it has plot and amazing characters. This is another series I need to keep my eye out! 5 stars and I cannot wait to read more!

My name is KAE Galla and I’ve loved writing since before I knew how. I’d
sit with my mom and grandma telling them exactly what I wanted my
story to be, and they would write it down under misshapen scribbles I
tried to pass off as art work. It wasn’t until years later that I
finally decided to go full throttle with my passion and share it with
the world. Now, thanks to the support of my loving family, great
friends, and an amazing team, my dream of becoming an author are
reality. My heart is in Paranormal Romance, and Romance in general,
but I love challenging myself and broadening my horizons so you can
bet there is more to come!
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Book Review: Hot Pursuit

About the book:Hot Pursuit


Title: Hot Pursuit (To Catch a Thief #1)

Author: Kay Marie

Published: August 27th 2018

Source: Received from the author in exchange for a review

Format: e-copy


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days meets White Collar in this sassy and sweet romantic comedy, new from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie.

All Jolene Carter has ever wanted is to own a bakery of her own. There’s only one problem. Her father, Robert Carter, is a world-renowned art thief and she’s, well, sort of his protégé. But he’s promised her that this next job in New York will be their last, and she won’t let anyone get in the way of her dreams…especially not the distractingly delicious FBI agent hot on her tail.

Agent Nate Parker has been on the Robert Carter case for years, and if the rumors of the aging criminal’s retirement are true, this might be his last chance to nail him. With the legacy of his late father in the back of his mind, the stakes are more personal than anyone realizes. He won’t let anything stand in the way of justice…especially not the red-headed vixen who keeps giving him the slip.

He’s a cop who’d never bend. She’s a con who’ll never break. But all’s fair in love and larceny…

Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA

You can grab the ebook for only $0.99 until Monday or it’s free in KU!

My Review:


Kaitlyn Davis sure knows how to bring tension up a 100 times and knows how to build intense moments. The fight that goes into our characters’ minds is so vivid. The feeling moved over from the pages to the reader and BAAAM! Mission accomplished! It’s my first book by her that is not fantasy based and she has not let me down (Well, I was expecting a great book and got exactly that).

“Hot Pursuit” follows agent Nate Parker and Jolene Carter, a great hacker and daughter of a renowned art thief. Nate wants justice and she wants… a bakery. Somewhere along the shores of Bahamas, the plan changes. It all starts with coopies and a very provocative photo. But things are not always what they seem and there are stories and reasons behind every action. Nate and Jo will have to trust one another and play “cat and mouse”, with different rules.

Every word brought them closer togheter and farther apart. Her mind and her heart were at war, two opposite forces tugging and tugging against each other, fighting for dominance.

The writing feels natural; it is a normal flow of words. This makes the book so comfortable and easy to read. But I took my time, enjoying, no, savoring every page. The dialogue was easy to follow, the descriptions are more of feelings and emotional states than of places. I like how the author uses short sentences that capture so much of what each character is thinking or feeling.

Jo is such a tease, strong and innocent and naive at the same time. Nate is determined to finish his mission, but also get her out of this mess well and safe. Will she turn on her family for his sake or for the sake of her freedom? Will Nate be able to see her as more than a criminal? Will he be able to destroy the walls between their worlds? And how will this work out?

“No problem at all, Parker. I wouldn’t like a little thing like an international crisis get in the way of your busy social life. Answer it. I don’t mind.”

There is one small detail that the reviewer in me should mention though. The attraction between them becomes something more pretty quick and it felt a little bit forced. The fan in me doesn’t care!

“Hot Pursuit” is a great story, with funny moments, with tension, passion and adventure. It has great characters, great plot and an ending you will not see coming. I loved every page and every sentence. I cannot wait for more in the series ! 5 stars for sure!

But maybe there was a different sort of glory to be found in shades of grey. A different kind of beauty, if he’d just open his eyes and see, if he’s only let her show him.

It is a great feeling reading one of your favorite authors’ latest book. It is a great feeling being able to write an article saying over and over again how much you enjoy their books. I am happy 🙂 If you have not yet read a book by Kaitlyn Davis aka Kay Marie, you don’t know what you’re missing!

P.S.: Are you telling me that Thad and Addison meet? Oh my God, what a sequel!


About the Authorkaitlyn davis


Kaitlyn Davis, a bestselling author with over a quarter of a million books sold, writes young adult fantasy novels under the name Kaitlyn Davis and contemporary romance novels under the name Kay Marie. Publisher’s Weekly has said, “Davis writes with confidence and poise,” while USA Today has recommended her work as “must-read romance.”

To learn more about her young adult novels, visit her Goodreads author page for Kaitlyn Davis here:

Always blessed with an overactive imagination, Kaitlyn has been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to share her work with the world. When she’s not daydreaming, typing stories, or getting lost in fictional worlds, Kaitlyn can be found playing fetch with her puppy, watching a little too much television, or spending time with her family. If you have any questions for her–about her books, about scheduling an event, or just in general–you may contact her at:

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