Book Review: Blood Crescent

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Blood CrescentBloodCrescentbookone-stevie mccoy
by S.M. McCoy
Genre: YA Fantasy Paranormal
Release Date: September 21st 2018


While investigating her mother’s disappearance Crystal’s bloodline leads a supernatural council to hunt her down for her latent magic. Love, lies, and long buried secrets change her life forever.

Sixteen-year-old Crystal Dylan has been marked by the waning crescent due to her latent diviner heritage. The magic from her is a beacon to any nearby supernatural beings, especially energy serpents, vampires sent by the Divine Council to capture her. She never believed in the strange, the superstitious, or magical until she started looking for her long-thought-dead mother. Too many attacks on her aura have left her drained, dying, and vulnerable leaving Victor no choice but to try anything to help her, even the serpent’s kiss.

The Divine Council was looking for the lost heir, and Damien, a drawn class serpent, was their retrieval system with an agenda of his own. Crystal’s memories are being manipulated, and she struggles to find the truth about who she loves, what happened to her mother, who she is, and how to stay alive long enough to figure it all out.

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My Review

This book frustrated me on so many levels, mainly because I was making my own scenarios and started liking some of the characters, only to realize nothing is as it seems, or at least how I thought it would be. That’s mostly why I liked it so much!

S.M. McCoy brings a new series, full of mystical beings and magic. “Blood Crescent” is only the beginning of something so much more. Our main character Chrystal’s life is turned upside down when she realizes her mother may still be alive. Oh, and she comes from a long line of people with special ties to magic.  Well, what’s so special about that? We have the same good guy, bad guy stuff, we have a quest for self-discovery and her desire to find her family.

Other than that, we have an incredible writer! The world is built incredibly and the magic system is so complex, I even got lost at some point. And the characters are some questionable, other still under development. Because Chrystal is only at the beginning of her journey.

We have a love triangle, maybe. Because I am not sure who I like best, I am not sure who Chrystal likes and if she makes a good or bad choice in the end. What I know exactly is that I am not tired of her story and that I DO WANT more!

“Blood Crescent” is only the beginning and this universe holds the promise of so much more! I cannot wait to discover what we have next. For now, I’m giving it 4 stars, but I am 100% sure that the next installments will blow me away. In case of book 1, the beginning was a little slow and at times I was a little confused with everything going on. But other than that, I loved the book and I loved the main character! Enjoy !

About the Authors.m. mccoy
Stevie Marie is the author of young adult paranormal fantasy and the Divine Series. Born within the apex of another universe, where magic flows like leaky faucets, and forged from the fires of the Underrealm she dug her way to Earth and reluctantly participates in human society, secretly returning to her home world to relay the stories of her monsters, and the troubled love of her people. When she isn’t writing she’s crafting clothing in her sewing room, cuddling her significant-other creature, or pretending to adult by managing a portfolio of properties for an accounting business in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington.



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Series Review: The Nomad Outlaws

ruthless- draft3_400x600
Nomad Outlaws Trilogy Book 1
by Tory Richards
Genre: Adult MC Romance
Four years ago Rebel ruined Ginger by claiming her to keep them both
alive, and then she disappeared. Bike Week at Daytona Beach brings
them back together. He’s a dangerous nomad. A ruthless killer. But
he’s her addiction, and she’s his. Can they keep the past where it
belongs and move forward, or is it too late?
No cliffhangers! Can be read as a standalone romance. 
contains explicit sex acts, language, and violence. Adults only!

My Review

This series open up in full force! “Ruthless” made me fall in love with the series and with Rebel and Ginger. She’s seen it all – a vicious MC, with members that have no honor and enjoy making women suffer. Held against her will in the Red Devils MC, she finds an ally in Rebel, another bad guy, but with a conscience. She has no way but to trust him and in a very short period of time, they share something that none will forget, neither the good, nor the bad. Years later, they meet and things become complicated. Rebel is a nomad, he’s not the type to settle down and Ginger has trusting issues – very justifiable ones.

There is so much going on in this story. We have a lot of action and when you think things settle, another bad guy appears. The book is full of hot scenes and explicit ones. I would not advise it if you cannot handle a bad mouth. Rebel is a strong man, his only weakness being Ginger. As for her, she tries not to feel anything for the man, but she cannot forget that some time ago, he was willing to show her kindness, in his own way.

Ginger’s friendship with Della is so beautiful. When need arises, she is willing to risk her life to protect her friend. Ginger is a fighter, a smart one. Rebel’s nomad friends are also a curious type and I cannot wait to read more about them in the following books.

All in all, book 1 is a beautiful surprise and I cannot wait to tell you about the next ones in the series. 5 stars for “Ruthless”. Tory Richards surprised me and I am sorry I only managed to read her books now. I have so much to catch up!

And this will happen a few rows below 🙂

Nomad Outlaws Trilogy Book 2
Jace is a nomad.
An outlaw biker who likes to work alone. 
A killer when he needs to be.
He calls no place home, and no woman owns his heart.
Until her.

My Review

“Dangerous” was a little bit of a letdown. We have Jace and Luna’s story and, while I liked it, there is a significant difference between Book 2 and Books 1 and 3. And I am a little upset and a little more frustrated, because there is so so much potential.

Luna is hiding from an abusive boyfriend, while Jase is in town to help the local MC club with business. Also a nomad, he has made friends in different MCs. So when his brothers need him, he says yes. No strings attached, no settling down. Luna, on the other hand, wants to lay low, forget and live a quiet life. She has limited contact with her family and is even reticent towards making new friends. Their attraction is immediate and what happens next is… again, full of action.

Same as “Ruthless”, we have a lot of explicit scenes, we have a lot of dirty talk but, as opposed to Ginger, I did not understand Luna. She appears shy and wanting to lay low, still she attracts the attention of the guys in the MC. I felt there were contradictions in the way she was created. Same goes for Jace.  Right now, he sees the innocence in her. But on the next page, he thinks the worst.

The scenes in “Dangerous” were too much for me, some I think were not very believable. Trigger warning for abuse and rape, but my respect for the author and how she treated the character involved in this.

Oh, and I almost forgot, there are so many explanations regarding the MCs and the rules. Sometimes they are even repeated. It felt more like a book 1, than a 2. I don’t know. It didn’t stay well with me. Hard to rate it, but I’ll go with 3 stars, for now.


Nomad Outlaws Book 3
Moody had had it all once, and had lost it in a heartbeat. Now he goes
through life as a cold, heartless nomad. A man to avoid and be afraid
of, uncaring that each day could be his last. He gives a fuck about
nothing and no one, until an innocent woman appears out of nowhere,
unafraid of his fury, challenging his demons, making him want to live
again. Is he strong enough to let her into his heart?

My Review

“Furious” brings us an interesting character. Moody is our third nomad and also a bar owner. He meets Bailey, hired by one of his most trusted employees to help around. What’s his reaction? Fires her. Yup, he fires her. He doesn’t think she’s able to hold her ground in a bad frequented by bikers and other dangerous people. When she is blackmailed to steal something from Moody, they begin a sort of game, in which everyone has to lose. Some their heart, others even more.

The story is very interesting, but what makes it even better is Moody. We know from the other books that he is not the talking kind and he has a past that still bothers him. His issues melted my heart and I have all my respect for him and for what he’s been through. Bailey and her getting involved with the wrong people was a little forced. With Moody’s influence, the situation could have ended a lot faster.

So with all my liking of the characters, I cannot overlook the small flaws we have in the action. Definitely “Furious” is better that “Dangerous”, but it does not come close to “Ruthless”. We see a more reserved biker, one that is afraid of lowering his guard and that is what makes  this book special.

4 stars for Book 3 and my appreciation to the author for creating such a beautiful character, with such a great mix of emotions.



As for my series review, I would have gladly given all the stars, if it were not for my issues with “Dangerous”.   By far my favorite book is “Furious”, definitely my favorite nomad is Moody. All books have a lot of action, all books have a lot of steamy scenes and explicit ones. So be aware, before going into any of them. I had fun reading them and I quickly became addicted to this series and to all the other characters from the other MCs. Tory Richards has her way with words and with creating strong and in the same time emotional characters.

Let me know in the comments below if you have read any of her books or if an MC Romance is something you would like to try of have tried already.

Tory Richards is an Amazon bestselling author who writes smut with a plot.
Born in Maine, she’s lived most of her life in Florida where she went
to school, married, and raised her daughter. She’s retired from
Disney and spends her time with family and friends, traveling, and
writing. .
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Book Review: Shameless

It’s a vacation Meredith Taylor will never forget. A sunny beach, good friends and good times. But when she overhears a couple having a passionate interlude on the balcony above her one night, she can’t get the man’s sultry voice out of her mind. Especially when she figures out exactly who that man is…

Cameron Moore always had an eye on his best friend’s little sister but considered her strictly off limits, choosing to satisfy his lust elsewhere. Now Meri seems to want to annihilate every wall Cam’s put up against her. The beach is hot, the drinks are cold, Meredith is irresistible, and something has to give. Will it only be the walls between them, or their hearts as well?

About the Book

by Cherrie Lynn

n/a; standalone

Contemporary Romance

Entangled Amara

Publication Date
September 10, 2018

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My Review

A novella right up my alley! I loved it and I loved the characters. It is my first story by this author and I cannot wait to try a full length book by her!

We have the sister falling for her brother’s best friend. We have the said best friend trying to keep both the brother and the sister close, suppressing his desires. Nothing new, but, if done well, it does not bother me at all. It’s a short and beautiful story that made my evening!

I loved how Meri and Cam tried for so long to keep appearances, but most of all I liked his attitude towards her and her brother. Like they say, bros before… the bros’sisters (or something along the lines). There are moments that would bring a smile to your lips and there are moments that will make you swarm with warmth. Best of all, we have a woman who knows what she wants and decides to act on it. It takes some courage to do it, especially knowing the risks. Having both POVs is really helpful as we are able to understand the struggles each character goes through and the battle that goes deep in their hearts.

Now, there is one reason and one only for which I am not fiving the full 5 stars rating and that is because some scenes felt a little too much and a little out of the character’s personality. For example (sorry for being vague, just trying to avoid spoilers), when Meri and Cam find the time to sit together, she does something that seems too bold, too forward. And there is a scene when Cam is apologizing too much and I will stop here. That’s all. These are things that can be overlooked, I may be too picky because I wanted a full story with these two beautiful people.

All in all, this is a novella that will make your evenings warmer and warmer and will give you sweet and (not so) innocent thoughts. I do hope you’ll give it a try and come back with your impressions.

Happy Reading!


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About Cherrie Lynn

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author CHERRIE LYNN has been a CPS caseworker and a juvenile probation officer, but now that she has come to her senses, she writes contemporary and paranormal romance on the steamy side. It’s *much* more fun. She’s also an unabashed rock music enthusiast, and loves letting her passion for romance and metal collide on the page.

When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, listening to music or playing with her favorite gadget of the moment. She’s also fond of hitting the road with her husband to catch their favorite bands live.

Cherrie lives in East Texas with said husband and their two kids, all of whom are the source of much merriment, mischief and mayhem.

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Series Review: The Bridesmaid’s Checklist

Laura’s Wedding
The Bridesmaid’s Checklist Series Book 1
By K.T. Castle
​Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kassandra is a single, independent woman who prides herself on her own success.
But when she’s asked by her best friend Laura to be the
Maid of Honor in her wedding, Kassandra finds herself
questioning her lifestyle. Helping Laura plan the wedding
is no problem—she’s done it before for all their other friends.
The first time was a blast, the second super fun, but doing it
without receiving any help from the rest of the girls gets old really fast.
The whole event kicks off with the worst kind of surprise
when Kassandra discovers who her friend’s fiancé really
is, and she’s torn between supporting Laura’s future
happiness and hiding the deeply buried, intimate past she shares with
the groom-to-be. Struggling to be the bigger person and do all the
hard work on her own, Kassandra finds surprising comfort in
Josh, the best man in the wedding and someone she’s been avoiding for
years. He’s charming, thoughtful, handsome, and the worst kind of
womanizer, but she just can’t seem to stay away. All the
while,Kassandra can’t help wondering if the wedding could be anymore cliché—until she finds unexpected ways to change things up a bit.

My Review

First book stars quite well! We meet Kassandra, who we will follow throughout the series, and some of her friends. We see her planning one of her best friends’ wedding, with all the ups and downs of such a job, but we see a story of taking chances and having a strong protagonist and a complicated relationship.

Our main character is shocked to find out who the groom is. Remembering all the reasons why their relationship couldn’t work and seeing him marry her best friend, all the while trying to act professional is a challenge. Her encounter with the best man, Josh, is a refreshing moment. She can now set aside her problems and focus on the handsome man anting her attention.

This book has hot scenes, positive and negative emotions, good friends, hysterical ones and much much more. It was a delight! While I admired Kassandra for her strength and desire to succeed and be independent, I saw her easy to be influenced – maybe that’s not the proper word. But she did take enough bad words without having a strong comeback.

Still, I liked the story and I cannot wait to tell you what I think of the next one. For now, 4 stars for Book 1.

**Only .99 cents!!**
Marisol’s Wedding
The Bridesmaid’s Checklist Book 2
Kassandra’s last single friend got married in the summer. But even if Kassandra
herself is the only unmarried girl in the pack, she isn’t single
anymore. Now that all her friends are married and all the wedding
planning is over, she has a chance to concentrate in her relationship
with Josh. Or so she thought until Marisol visits her with
a major, life-changing crisis. Helping her friends plan their wedding
was no problem─dealing with an unexpected pregnancy is a whole
other thing.
Kassandra is unable to decide the best way to
help Marisol, especially when her relationship with Josh reaches
a level of commitment she wasn’t expecting. Both girls will have to
remember the past in order to move their relationships forward.
Destiny is full of surprises, and sometimes, the plans
you have aren’t laid out on the path set before you.
Join Kassandra and Marisol as they
remember how they planned Sol’s wedding while they solve together
the difficulties in the present.
**Only .99 cents!!**

My Review


Book 2 brings us another crisis. Kassandra seems the friend everybody comes to in need. She is dependable and wants to make sure her friends are well. Even those she has not seen in a while. We see Josh willing to stand by her, willing to leave his days as a womanizer behind. But is she really ready for that?

What I mostly loved about this book was that we see a more introspective approach. Now is the time for her to think about a future. If book one faces her with her past, now she has something to look forward for, on a personal note as well. Kassandra seems more mature, more ready to focus on this side of her life. I wish I could have understood as well where things stood from Josh’s perspective, but that’s ok. We have girl power here!

I loved “Marisol’s Wedding” more and for now, the series is getting better and better. 5 stars for book 2.

Natalie’s Wedding
The Bridesmaid’s Checklist Book 3
Kassandra never thought she’d be in another committed relationship, but now
she’s living with her boyfriend Josh. Things can’t get any
better. But they can get worse.
Natalie has dropped a major bomb on her, confessing she believes her husband
is having an affair. Kassandra is always ready to help a friend, but
accepting that one of their marriages isn’t working goes against
everything she believes about the people she loves. Wanting to help
their friend overcome this difficult situation and provide Natalie
the support she needs, Kassandra and the girls pull a lot of strings
to help Natalie uncover the truth. In the process, Kassandra
discovers remarkable similarities between Josh’s recent changes and
those in Natalie’s allegedly cheating husband. She’s always been
an independent woman who prides herself on her own success, and when
she digs up one dirty secret after another, she can’t help but
wonder if her man’s womanizing days are really behind him. 
Sometimes, love makes us twist reality to avoid hurting those we hold closest to
our hearts. Join Kassandra and Natalie as they struggle to reconcile
their fears in love with the truth.
**Only .99 cents!!**

My Review

“Natalie’s Wedding” brings us face to face to a feeling called “confidence”. Someone is hiding something and that something looks to be not good. Both Natalie and Kassandra are now trying to understand if their men are really so loving and faithful as they pretend to be. Kassandra is taken by Natalie’s problems and sees them in her own relationship.

This book was the longest of the series and the most difficult to read. I had the impression our main character was trying to find flaws in an otherwise great relationship. I felt the length of the story was a bit too much and I must admit I skimmed through some pages. But that doesn’t mean I liked it less than the other 2. I couldn’t wait to see the conclusion. I guessed what the ending would be, to some extent, and I was anxious to find out how they get there.  Other than that, we see yet another story about friendship, we see Kassandra helping another friend, even if she faces her own problems.

I liked it, but it was a long 3.5 star read.  As in case of the other two books, the writing was great and the characters as well, just a bit too long this time.

Overall Series Thoughts

As for my conclusion to the series review, these 3 books were an enjoyable read. I must admit I had to read through them really fast and I marathoned them. That’s probably why I got tired when reading the last one. I loved the time I spent with Kassandra and Josh and I loved seeing them go through so much together.

K.T. Castle loves reading, writing, and painting. She’s on a quest to find
the words, forms, and colors to materialize the worlds and people of
her imagination. She loves reading Romance, especially Young Adult,
New Adult, Contemporary, and Paranormal. She never saw herself as an
incurable romantic, but lately, that’s what she finds herself musing
about. Love is found everywhere, regardless of whether it comes from
a nice person or an ass—mundane or even vampire.
When she’s not busy with work, in front of a computer placing many
thoughts in order, she does her best to be creative or relax with a
good TV series and snacks. Some of her favorite characters are
Lucifer, Jace, Clary, Affton, Cable, Poppy, Zack, Maleficent, and Ariel.
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Series Review: Dragon Planet Romance Trilogy

Runaway Dragonette
Dragon Planet Romance Book 1
by Lynne Murray
Genre: Paranormal Romance
When the Dragon King demands that Princess Verity choose a romantic
partner from 26 dragon shapeshifters, she’s not allowed to say,
“No.” But she has to. 
Verity must escape her father’s romance plans for her, but it won’t be
easy with cameras broadcasting her every move and the whole Dragon
Planet watching.
Meanwhile on Earth, Ryan, a tech industry millionaire, loves dragons more than
anything in the real world. He has moved back to his home town to run
a dragon-centered bookstore. When a portal misfire lands Verity in
Ryan’s store, the attraction is instant and irresistible.
Ryan jumps at the chance to compete to win Verity’s hand. The Dragon
King allows it. He doesn’t expect a computer nerd human to survive
a competition with fire-breathing dragonshifters.
Can Ryan win the dragon princess’s hand by defeating a pack of hulking,
jealous, firebreathing dragon men who don’t play fair? Will Verity
be able to save her true mate from death by dragon fire?

My Review

Book one was a little bit difficult to get into. I mean, it was difficult for me to understand the entire dragon system or if the people knew about the existence of a dragon planet or not. The beginning was not that good. But once you move past it, the idea is pretty amazing and unique – at least I have not read any romance stories between half-dragons and humans.

We have our dragonette, looking for something more than dragon wings and flames in her mate. Her father has set up the entire scheme of a TV show, at the end of which she is supposed to select a mate, aka someone who can make sure the king has nephews. Because the king was so focused on one thing only, it made easier for me to understand what Verity went through.

As for Ryan, because of the not so good beginning, I thought his only feelings towards the princess were curiosity and awe because of his obsession with dragons, not because she was as beautiful and as smart as she seemed in that TV show. But later on, I started to like him.

All in all, ”Runaway Dragonette” was an acceptable beginning to a very interesting and original series. If it were not for the first pages telling Ryan’s story, I would have increased my rated one star. For now, I’m sticking with 3.5.


Bachelor Dragon Blues
Dragon Planet Romance Book 2
Can the love of an Earth woman save a dragonshifter from the
ticking time bomb inside?
The Dragon Planet hails Jevrath as a war hero for a military action that
wounded him. No one knows that spy bots invaded his wound during the
battle. They track his every move. They can kill him at will. The
only threat Jevrath knows about is the Dragon King’s vow to force
him into a planetary romance show, to publicly select a dragonshifter
mate. Jevrath refuses and heads for Earth for a vacation. Then Beth,
a human woman, walks through the door of the resort bar and his world
will never be the same.
Beth’s dream is to work with endangered species, but who knew they would be
so sizzling hot? She needs a weekend away from her lab tech job and
her lecherous boss. When she walks into the resort bar and sees tall,
dark, commanding Jevrath, her dreams seem about to come true—along
with her worst nightmares. She can have a lab of her own on the
Dragon Planet, if she pretends to go along with the televised romance
show. But her desires for Jevrath go dangerously beyond pretending.
Can the devotion of a dragon man sustain Beth in the face of 26
firebreathing dragon women who don’t mind killing for love?

My Review

“Bachelor Dragon Blues” brings more to the story than “Runaway Dragonette”. By this second book, I was already familiar with the concepts and knew I should expect extraordinary dragons. The author created a very nice background this time, a much more interesting background. That made me more and more intrigued.

Javerath has no plans in spending more time than needed on Earth, but little did he know that his visit will end up being much more than that. He is offered a small escape from his already stressful life and he offers the same in exchange. When Beth confesses her problem with her boss, his protective instincts kick in. Now the question is: Will Beth be able to handle dragon women? And will she be able to secure Jeverath’s heart?

Definitely I liked this book better than the previous one. Main reason is that the characters have a little more depth and that the action flows a little bit more in sync with what it should be expected from a short story. It felt more natural and better planed in a way. We cme back to the TV show, where this time a bachelor needs to select its mate, but this time, the badass dragon-ladies show their wings and flames.

Loved it quite a lot, 4 clean stars – or flames, or little dragon babies. Ok, you got the idea!


Billionaire Dragon’s Secretary
Dragon Planet Romance Book 3
Jill is kidnapped by a lying, cheating dragonshifter and stuck on the
Dragon Planet. Romance with a dragon is the last thing on her mind.
She only wants to earn enough to pay for a ticket back to Earth, but
her billionaire dragon shifter boss sets her senses on fire, and he’s
trying to give her every reason to stay. Targon, “the Gold
Whisperer,” fiercely guards his heart and his hoard until his new
secretary, Jill arrives. Instantly he recognizes her as his True
Mate. How can a dragonshifter convince an angry Earth woman to trust
him when he doesn’t trust himself?

My Review

Oh, book 3 is even better! Ok, I feel the need to make a short summary of the series until now. We had Bachelorette Verity, who’s heart was gain by a human, then we had Bachelor Javerath, who’s heart was lost to a human earlier than the TV show could start and now…. Who’s the prize?

“Billionaire Dragon’s Secretary” is even better than the other there in the series. That is mostly because this time the characters feel more on an even ground than in the other books. Even if Jill lands up on the Dragon Planet against her will, she knows what to expect and she knows exactly what she wants: to get back home to Earth. So while she unleashes her emotions on her dragon boss, Taragon must stand tall and guard himself.

This time, the dragon is almost bossed around by the human. An even fresher angle to the dragon shape shifter story,  the third book brings us even better characters and a much much better plot. Or maybe it’s just me, liking these type of romances better. But definitely, the background of the characters goes way deeper and their story needs more analysis.

I’m still going with 4 stars, even if when comparing to the other two, I liked this one best!

Get the series box set!!

Overall Opinion


As for the overall series, I loved it very much. It is a refreshing approach, it has romance and dragons – two of my addictions! I would have wanted more background on the Dragon Planet and to understand more their relationship with earth and the other way around. But other than that, I only have good words.

The plot gets better and better, the characters become even more interesting with every book you read and that’s proof of a great writer! Can’t wait to read more by Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray was born in Illinois and grew up in transit Texas, Alaska,
Florida, Washington state, and Southern California due to her
father’s work with the military. 
Lynne writes the kind of books she loves to read. Those usually feature a
lot of action, quirky characters and supernatural attitude. She just
might read anything that isn’t tied down, but some of the books that
have to be restrained also make it onto her list. Her favorite
authors include Illona Andrews, Faith Hunter, Patricia Briggs, Kim
Hamilton, Terry Pratchett and T.H. White.
She now lives and writes and stares out the window at the ocean in San
Francisco with a group of rescue cats, who rescue her right back with
heroic feats of purring.
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Book Review: Hard Trigger


In HARD TRIGGER by S.L. Hannah, Victoria finds herself entwined with a lover on the opposite side of a bloody feud. Seeking revenge to stop the flow of opiates that are killing her mother—she must spill the blood of her lover’s family to do it. Fans of RUIN by CD Reiss and SIN WITH ME by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain will devour this dark and sexy enemy to lovers tale where loyalty is in the eye of the beholder.


Title:  Hard TriggerHardTrigger20180514-digital

Author: S.L. Hannah

Release Date: August 28, 2018

Publisher: AOH Publishing

Genres: Romantic suspense

Word Count: 30K

Format: Print and digital



“Your mother’s opiates are coming from Jose Herrera’s distribution network.” My pulse races as my stepfather speaks these words. Because taking on the Herreras also means taking on Diego.

Reckless, and hardened by a volatile past, Victoria does not see a future with Diego Herrera as a realistic option. As their childhood friendship ignites, they find themselves on opposite sides of a bloody feud between the two most powerful families in Mexico City. And she’s a Moreno now—brought up to be the secret weapon nobody suspected.

But Victoria can’t deny the attraction. Diego’s commanding muscles, the coarse, dark hair of his solid chest, that rugged scar above his sensuous lips…

Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder.

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On YouTube: Hard Trigger – A Rogue Romance
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This book has very little over 120 pages and it has an action to die for! And… it almost happens, I mean, not you …. But people, I mean characters. OK, I’ll shut up know!

Really now, for a short book, it has some crazy events happening that will keep the reader hooked on page turning. It happened to me at least. There is some (SOME!) tension between the main characters, they want to be together but they can’t because their families won’t allow it. However they constantly fight for or towards each other and they hang to their feelings to be able to trust one another.

I loved the amount of detail we have in “Hard Trigger” and I liked the characters. The author built their background really well and managed to create strong personalities. Victoria is one badass woman. Her courage is matched only by the feelings she has for Diego and those feelings could burn cities. I loved them both!

The only thing I would complain is that too much of the story is told and not lived in the book while we read it. I wanted a bigger book, one that could capture more of their childhood and more of the conflict between the families. I wanted the inside scoop on one of the most feared family in Mexico. I wanted a tiny bit more!

But that does not mean this book is not worth your time! It’s one incredible story that will make you a prisoner of its covers. It is my first book by S. L. Hannah and definitely it will not be my last, for she has a lot of talent with words. 4 put of 5 stars!

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About S.L. Hannah:DSC07457bw2

S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. Her latest rogue romance, Hard Trigger, will be published on August 28th, 2018. Visit her online at to learn about her other books, to get updates about her new release, and to connect through social media. S.L. Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and garden of succulents. When she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.

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Audiobook Review: The Secred Chord

Author: Kathryn Guare

Narrator: Wayne Farrell

Length: 10 hours and 26 minutes

Publisher: Kathryn Guare

Series: The Virtuosic Spy, Book 2

Released: Feb. 20, 2018

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Those who love romantic suspense and thrillers with heart have found their new literary crush.

An Irishman on the run. He’s left a lot of things behind him…but they’re not far enough back.

Conor McBride has lost everything, and if he can’t find a way to disappear in a hurry, the next thing he loses could be his life. Running from enemies he’s never met and haunted by his own destructive actions, Conor needs a refuge secure enough to hold his secrets. A farmhouse inn tucked amidst the green mountains of Vermont seems ideal, but when his past catches up with him, Conor discovers the beautiful young innkeeper has secrets of her own, and hers are more likely to get them both killed.

Author of the award-winning Conor McBride Series, Kathryn Guare’s character-driven novels are all somewhere on the spectrum between romance and suspense, and some are even perfectly balanced between the two. She has a passion for exploring diverse cultures and cuisine, Classical music and all things Celtic, and has a habit of mixing these into her stories along with other topics and enthusiasms that capture her interest. Formerly, as an executive with a global health advocacy organization, she traveled extensively throughout the world. Currently, as a native Vermonter, she hates to leave home during foliage season.


Narrator Bio

Internationally acclaimed voice actor Wayne Farrell began his professional career at The National Theatre of Ireland, where he met the legendary Irish seanachai Eamon Kelly and became fascinated with the art of storytelling. Using skills learned during this time, Farrell has worked extensively in both documentary and audiobook narration and is widely admired for the rich clarity and versatility of his voice. His credits include award-winning authors such as Donal Ryan, whose debut novel The Spinning Heart won The Guardian’s First Book Award as well as Irish Book of the Year; and New York Times and USA Today bestsellers such as Morgan Rice, author of the fantasy epic The Sorcerer’s Ring.

Well, well wel… Book 2 of “The Virtuosic Spy Series” is here in audio format. And it’s such a great audiobook! I loved it and I loved the plot and the new story the author is presenting us. I had my expectations high and that’s why I may have been a little harsh when giving this one 4 out of 5 stars, but my reasons are justifiable, in my opinion.

We meet here Conor and Kate, who find each other when they needed someone the most. She misses a time when she could create beautiful paintings in her amazing color combinations and he needed a safe place for a while. They seem to be balancing each other well. But life has other plans. There is no rest for the spies, but enough room for more secrets.

I love how each character, be it main or secondary, has a story that is impossible not to relate to.  Most importantly, I appreciated how we see their personalities combined, in an effort to shed light on the things that happen around them. The plot was constructed perfectly and the action is explosive and full of surprises.

The reason for decreasing my one star is because I was not a fan of Kate’s. She sometimes acted as a spoiled brat and made a mess out of things. She plays her part well, but she seems to be acting based on her own thought, rather than deciding together with Conor. I don’t know, something just does not stand well to me with her.

The narration was beautiful and I can see the efforts Wayne Farrell has put into interpreting each character. His accent is amazing and his voice acting was full of emotions and could easily be distinguished between the several characters.

All in all, I would suggest reading book 1 before “The Secret Chord”, as there is a lot of information included in “Deceptive Cadance” that will make the story more understandable and the characters much more appealing. I liked the multiple location scenes, the description, the tension, the writing in gerenal! 4 out of 5 stars J Enjoy!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Kathryn Guare. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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