Book Review: The Mortal Falls (Undercover Elementals Book 1)

About the book:themortalfalls

Title: The Mortal Falls (Undercover Elementals Book 1)

Author: Anna Durand

Published: March 24th 2017 by Jacobsville Books

Source: free copy received from Book Unleashed, in exchange for an honest review

Format: ebook


A pragmatic human thrown into a world of magic…

Lindsey Porter fled from her traumatic past, determined to lay low, but now someone has framed her for murder. The quest for answers leads her into a parallel realm where magic reigns, and with a hostile sheriff and a shapeshifting assassin on her trail, she must place her life in the hands of a seductive, supernatural man who tempts her like no one else.

An immortal sylph enslaved by magic…

Nevan is trapped by a desperate bargain struck a century earlier, yet the beautiful, spirited Lindsey has enticed him to abandon his magically enforced duty. As forbidden passion flares between them, they’ll risk everything to uncover the truth and find what they both need the most—redemption.

When two worlds collide…

The fates of the elemental and mortal realms depend on the star-crossed lovers. As dark secrets from their pasts threaten to shatter the fragile trust between Lindsey and Nevan, a shocking revelation holds the power to deliver salvation or destruction.

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My Review:

„The Mortal Falls” was a great read for me. I liked the funny lines between the characters and I even liked how the tension was building until the great reveal. However, there are some items which were not to my liking. All arguments are detailed below.

So here we have Lindsey and Nevan’s story. An apparently quite normal mortal, who’s had an unhappy encounter with the supernatural and an immortal being. They meet while she trips on a dead body in the forest, a body that soon disappears. Being the sheriff’s number one suspect, Lindsay is adamant in finding out who did it and most importantly, why are they trying to frame her. In the meantime, her encounter with Nevan causes quite some trouble for him. His soul and actions are enslaved by Skeiron, because of a deal he had to make some time ago. As the blurb says, both their world will collide and they will have to rely on each other in order to solve their issues.

As I was mentioning, this was a really nice read for me. I spend some good time between the pages of this story. Both characters have personality and the way the author has adapted the language for Nevan (him being from another world) was very interesting as well. I even enjoyed the romance that gradually builds between them and how committed he was on not offending Lindsay in any way.

Now, there are some items that I did not like. I was not quite convinced about how Nevan got to work for Skeiron. It was not enough for me, can’t explain it more because of spoilers. Also, I did not like the magic system that much. I would have preferred a better introduction into Nevan’s world. Lindsay was just thrown into it and had to adapt on the way. And she did, quite easy I must say. I could also add that the action was a little dragged, but it kept me there so… I cannot list it as a bad thing.

All in all, even if there are some items that did not feel well to me, I kind of liked this book. It was not a difficult read, it made me relax for a while and remained me of why I like reading so much.Anna Durand is quite a lovely author and for sure I will try more books by her.  So 3.5 stars (let’s round this to 4) and hope you’ll enjoy it at least as much!

About the Authorannadurand

Anna Durand is a multi-award-winning author of sizzling romances, including the bestseller Dangerous in a Kilt, which earned a 2016 National Readers’ Choice Award for erotic romance. She loves writing about spunky heroines and hunky heroes, in settings as diverse as modern Chicago and the fairy realm. Making use of her master’s in library science, she owns a cataloging services company that caters to indie authors and publishers. In her free time, you’ll find her binge-listening to audiobooks, playing with puppies, or crafting jewelry. She’s also a member of Romance Writers of America and its Published Authors Network.

You can find her on her website or Twitter  – TheAnnaDurand

Audiobook Review: Play Right By Me

Title: Play Right By Me

Author: Patrice Wilton

Narrator: Rita Page

Length: 8h 6m

Publisher: Patrice Wilton

Series: Paradise Cove, Book 3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Play Right by Me is a new riveting romance that will steal your heart and make you sigh with pleasure.

Brittany Holmes, heartbroken and pregnant, leaves the touring dance troupe and the glamorous life she led in Miami for home in Paradise Cove. Her mother and sisters are like a beacon at the end of the road, and their unconditional love and support is what her bruised heart craves.

Ashley Jordon Chase, New York advertising exec, is in Paradise Cove to pursue his lifetime dream of being a playwright. Family circumstances thwarted his earlier writing ambitions and his lucrative career doesn’t satisfy him.

When Brittany loses her baby, Chase offers comfort. Having experienced the same tragedy in his first marriage he knows how devastating a miscarriage can be. Brittany hides her insecurities behind a wall, but Chase breaks past it to see her most vulnerable side. Their friendship becomes more, and she trusts that he won’t let her down. Yet a family emergency pulls him away, leaving her alone. Again. Was she a fool to let him into her heart? Or can they turn their brief affair into a lifetime of love?



Patrice Wilton knew from the age of twelve that she wanted to write books that would take the reader to faraway places. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, and had a great need to see the world that she had read about.

Patrice became a flight attendant for seventeen years and traveled the world. At the age of forty she sat down to write her first book—in longhand! Her interests include tennis, golf, and writing stories for women of all ages.

She is a mother of two, has four lovely grand-daughters and one grandson, and a wonderful man at her side. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he teaches her golf, and she teaches him patience.

She has twenty-five books published on Amazon, and is a NY Times and USA Today best selling author.



Here we are with my review for Book 3 from the „Paradise Cove” series. I would have wanted to be the book I most enjoyed, but I am still a big fan of Book 1.

„Play Right by Me” is the story of Brittany, the last of the three sisters owning Paradise Cove resort. After being deceived by her boyfriend and manager, she returns home pregnant, hoping to heal her heart next to her family. She meets Ashley Jordon Chase, who books a room for a month, hoping to find inspiration to write a play. Chase’s kind words help her go through losing her baby and so a beautiful friendship is born. Definitely this is different than the other two stories and I couldn’t wait to see if the rebellious sister would settle next to her sisters or if she will pursue her dreams elsewhere.

The relationship between our main characters starts off quite nice and normal, but when Brittany makes her intentions to sleep with him more than clear, Chase pushes her away. He is the maturity she does not yet hold. His intentions are more than honorable, while she is a wild spirit looking for a short time of fun. The image we have of her from the other two books is cleared in this last part. We are also offered an understanding of why she is or was acting like that.

To be honest, I did not like her that much. She seemed a little slutty. The guy wanted to maintain her dignity, yet she feels insulted the first time he refuses her advances.  Also, I noticed the same tendency to appreciate designer clothes and good money. My entire appreciation for the way the author has built the relationship between the sisters and their mother. The constant support they always have for one another is something that should exist in any family.

The narration was quite ok, though there were moments where it felt a little overreacted. Rita Page did a great job anyway and it was nice to listen to her voice. The accent he used for Chase was also a job well done.

All in all, I think this is an ok book. As I was mentioning, the first book in the series is definitely my favorite one, but I cannot say I disliked the other two. I am going with a 3.5 (4) stars for “Play Right by Me” and I am looking forward for more stories by the same author and, why not, narrated by the same narrator. Hope you have enjoyed the series at  least as much as I did and please feel free to leave your comments below.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Patrice Wilton. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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Audiobook Review: Aranya

Aranya Banner

Aranya Tablet/iPhone

Author: Marc Secchia

Narrator: Shiromi Arserio

Length: 14h 33m

Publisher: Marc Secchia

Released: April 05, 2015

Series: Shapeshifter Dragons, Book 1

Genre: Fantasy

Chained to a rock and tossed off a cliff by her boyfriend, Aranya is executed for high treason against the Sylakian Empire. Falling a league into the deadly Cloudlands is not a fate she ever envisaged. But what if she did not die? What if she could spread her wings and fly?

Long ago, Dragons ruled the Island-World above the Cloudlands. But their Human slaves cast off the chains of Dragonish tyranny. Humans spread across the Islands in their flying Dragonships, colonising, building and warring. Now, the all-conquering Sylakians have defeated the last bastion of freedom–the Island-Kingdom of Immadia.

Evil has a new enemy. Aranya, Princess of Immadia. Dragon Shapeshifter.

Marc Secchio

Marc is a South African-born dragon masquerading as an author, who loves writing about dragons and Africa, preferably both at the same time. He lives and works in Ethiopia with his wife and 4 children, 2 dogs and a variable number of marabou storks that roost on the acacia trees out back. On a good night there are also hyenas patrolling the back fence.

He’s the author of 21 fantasy books in 3 languages (2 more languages coming this year – watch this space!), including 8 rip-roaring dragon fantasy bestsellers. Dragonfriend won a Gold Award for Fantasy in the 2016 IPPY Book Awards. Look out for Whisper Alive, his latest release. The 4th tale in the Dragonfriend series, Dragonstar, is coming soon!

When he’s not writing about Africa or dragons Marc can be found travelling to remote locations. He thinks there’s nothing better than standing on a mountaintop wondering what lies over the next horizon.

Narrator Bio

Shiromi Arserio

A native of London, England, Shiromi Arserio is a stage actor, voice talent and audiobook narrator. She holds a B.A. in Theatre from Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance. In addition to narrating dozens of audiobooks, her voice can be heard in documentaries, e-learning projects and video games such as Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion. Shiromi currently resides in the Seattle area with her husband and her two furbabies.



A magical tale of dragons, under many shapes. We have real dragons, dragon ships, dragon shape shifters, dragon riders. And I love dragons! Needless to say, if you are a fan of such magnificent creatures this is the book for you.

It all starts with a princess daring to escape her captors, cheating death. Or maybe not, because the Sylakias may have tossed princess Aranya of Immadia off a cliff, but dragon shape shifter Aranya came to life. And from here, most of the story is centered on coming to terms with her new ability, learning to control her powers. Later on, we see a more determined princess ready to face an Empire.

The author managed to create a fabulous world, with kings and magic and inserted images into the reader’s mind with his detailed descriptions. I must admit that at some point I got a little bit lost between the abundance of characters and the places described. But definitely the most important aspect in this book is regarding the different types of relationships. We have family, friendship, love, but also hate and the desire for power.

Princess Aranya has to learn hoe to tame her inner dragon and to embrace it as a part of herself, of her family. I also appreciated how well the author described the relationship between a dragon and the rider, we see how such relationship is formed and the difficulties they both face. As a general aspect the women seem to be the strong point, which is not bad at all 🙂

The narration was not so much to my taste, but I did appreciate the narrator’s accent. As I was mentioning in my other reviews, i am not s native English speaker, so at some point it was hard to follow the words. Still, I got used to it and i must admit i like it more like that than not having one at all. It emphasizes the atmosphere from those lands. For most part of the book, the narration felt more like a whisper than spoken. While this accentuates the sweet and gentle Aranya, it also makes the understanding a bit difficult.

I believe we all have a dragon inside. We all have our own secret powers: love, determination, optimism. That’s why I like this book so much. It brings out the strength. And it has dragons!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Marc Secchia. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.



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Audiobook Review: Hooked on You

Title: Hooked On You

Author: Patrice Wilton

Narrator: Cynthia Vail

Length: 8h 40m

Publisher: Patrice Wilton

Series: Paradise Cove, Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Taylor Holmes has a lot on her plate – running a family owned resort, planning a wedding for her sister, and now the added worry as she opens her dream café. Throw in a hurricane and a sexy boat captain who doesn’t take no for an answer, and this book will keep you glued to your seat. Romance, passion, danger, and hot, hot nights guarantee listening pleasure.





Patrice Wilton knew from the age of twelve that she wanted to write books that would take the reader to faraway places. She was born in Vancouver, Canada, and had a great need to see the world that she had read about.

Patrice became a flight attendant for seventeen years and traveled the world. At the age of forty she sat down to write her first book—in longhand! Her interests include tennis, golf, and writing stories for women of all ages.

She is a mother of two, has four lovely grand-daughters and one grandson, and a wonderful man at her side. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he teaches her golf, and she teaches him patience.

She has twenty-five books published on Amazon, and is a NY Times and USA Today best selling author.


Narrator Bio

Cynthia Vail is a fulltime professional voice actor with more than a dozen years of experience and national clients such as McDonalds and Starwood.




Book no. 2 of the “Paradise Cove” series was a great read, but not as much as the first one. If Book one was more emotional and had a much more attention to details, the second one was a little rushed, in my opinion. However, I did enjoy Taylor and Colt’s story. With this in mind, here goes my review of “Hooked on You”.

Taylor has always wanted her own business, her own restaurant with a familiar atmosphere, good food and friendly people. She is determined to achieve success and financial security. Colt, on the other hand, is focused on providing an education to his son and a decent life. Both of them are good friends and try to maintain it at the cost of their feelings. But when Colt realizes he can lose her, he decides to act on the attraction building up between them with every close encounter.

I mostly enjoyed the dialogue between all characters, as it made me laugh at times. The writing is simple, yet the way the story was told made me relax and think about a good time at sea. It includes as well insight to Kayla’s wedding preparations and reminds the reader about her story. The narration was as great as the first book, with the appropriate intonation. As for our main characters, I believe they both are quite complex, drawn together by their attraction, still different in some ways.

If Taylor is focused on building a successful business, Colt wants a quiet life, a good life for his son. It more than once gave me the impression that appearances matter more. Taylor was pleasantly surprised when Colt showed up wearing “good clothes”, not his usual fisherman’s apparel. Also, she always says that he’s flirting with ladies and she cannot trust him. However, Colt is not such a bad guy at all. At least I did not feel it like that. Something that was left untouched between them is Colt’s past. While this may not be important for the relationship between them, it has shaped him and made him who he is.

So my general scoring would be a 3.5 (4) stars out of 5. I did appreciate it a lot and maybe it’s because I had high expectations after listening to the first book. For me, Colt and Taylor’s relationship was a little rushed and some items remained unsolved. Still, it is a lovely read and I cannot wait to see how Book 3 turns out. I have the impression it will be the best in the series. Stay around and find out J

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Patrice Wilton. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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Book Review: Check My Heart

About the book:check my heart


Title: Check My Heart

Author: Christi Barth

Published: July 17th 2017

Source: ARC received from Tasty Book Tours, in exchange for a review

Format: e-copy


The death of his little brother turned Kurt Lundquist’s world upside down. He channeled his grief into skating his heart out–and ultimately leading his hockey team to win the championship. Now, all he wants to do is throw a party with the Cup in his brother’s honor. He’s got no clue where to start…until he runs into the gorgeous hospice nurse who took such great care of Jasper. She’s waaay off limits, but he’s desperate, and hires her to help him.

Lisette Broussard’s heart broke a little more every time a patient died. Losing the brave brother of a hockey star was the last straw. Learning a new specialty was supposed to change her life for the better, but it used up her savings. Then the slam dunk job with the New Orleans championship hockey team mysteriously disappears. So she jumps at Kurt’s offer of a job, no matter how temporary. No matter how…dangerous, given how much she’s always crushed on him. No matter how risky it is to fall for Kurt, since he’ll always associate her with the grief of losing his brother.

But the more time they spend together, the deeper they both fall. Kurt’s heart begins to thaw…and then heat. Lisette can’t resist him, and throws caution to the wind. She’ll take whatever time he gives her. Can they move beyond the pain of the past and focus on a future together?

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My Review:


„Check My Heart” by Christi Barth is a very intense story in which the main characters are brought together by the very thing that keeps them apart. It is a very quick read and for me it was perfect for a summer evening.

Kurt Lundquist is still mourning the loss of his brother, doing his best to accomplish his desires, even after his passing. He never imagined meeting Lisette Broussard again. She as well is followed by little Jasper’s death. This determines her to switch her career from hospice nurse. So both our main characters are looking for a new beginning, Kurt thinking of giving up hockey as well.

I loved the attraction between them, though I was not quite comfortable with the way things got back to normal after a hot moment. Their relationship starts with a lot of sexual tension. They still hold respect for Jasper’s death and to them, this is an obstacle that is hard to overcome, in their opinion. But this reason is exactly what brings them together, since Kurt hires Lisette to help him plan a party for Jasper’s team mates from his school’s hockey team, as was his wish.

The writing is very easy and the emotions are well expressed. The sadness, the intensity of their attraction, but as well the willingness to start over are well presented. The plot is not rushed at all and everything evolves at a normal pace.

Suffice to say that I quite enjoyed this book and the main characters. This is a clean romance, very suitable for a summer evening, while dreaming of your own “special someone” J I love Christi Barth’s writing and I do hope I’ll read more books by her. Till the next one, 4 stars go to “Check My Heart”

About the Authorchristy barth

USA Today bestselling author Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance, including the Naked Men and Aisle Bound series.

Christi can always be found either whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world. For information on books, new releases and more, visit her Website.




Book Review: Carson

She needs to move forward with her life, 
but how can she when Carson still owns her heart?
Bad Boys After Dark #3
Melissa Foster
Releasing July 11, 2017
World Literary Press


Second chances really do exist…

As the founder of a multimillion-dollar international security business, Carson Bad exposes secrets for a living. He knows better than to forge relationships built on them. But for years he did just that with his best friend, and secret lover, Tawny Bishop. She brought a sense of calm and understanding to his life–in and out of the bedroom. Until one fateful night when a knock at the door changed everything.

Tawny is no longer a naive college student. She’s a sought-after perfumer living in Paris. She has plenty of resources at her fingertips, and lots of lonely nights to think about the only man she’s ever loved–the one she ran away from all those years ago. She needs to move forward with her life, but how can she when Carson still owns her heart?

Maybe showing up in the middle of the night unannounced isn’t the best route to unraveling the past and figuring out her future, but Tawny has played it safe for ten long years, and it’s only made her long for the man she never should have walked away from. Now she’s back in Carson’s life, and he’s determined not to make the same mistake twice. If only he knew what that mistake was…


My Review:

As always, Melissa Foster has her way with words! She adds something magical, that brings out the emotions, not only in her characters, but in us readers. I cannot get enough of her writing!

This is my first book from the series, but the book can be easily read as a standalone. There is no connection (or only minimal) to the other stories, so no need to read the first ones. However, if you are a fan of Melissa’s writing, just go right in J (like I will do, for sure!). So Carson and Tawny have this connection that was born years ago, when they started sharing Sunday nights. Immature and maybe unsure about each other’s feelings, they stop pursuing it. However, both know for sure that maybe the only real moments they had were when they were together, the only moments where comfort set in.  What would possibly have gone wrong to make them stop?

Reading Carson’s story, I have a lot of conflicting feelings. As I mentioned, the writing is beautiful so no need to insist on praising it. But the plot is too much centered on the hot scenes between the main characters and does not have this solid build. I would have expected a deeper conflict between the two, or inside their hearts. Also, most of the part (if not completely), Carson is to be blamed or he takes the fault. But in reality, I believe things could have been settled in a much simpler way.

Well, taking into account I did feel all these emotions and the abundance of feelings the main characters shared, especially for the remarkable way in which the book is put in words, I am going with a 4 stars (3.5 actually).


Melissa Foster is a New
York Times
 & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes
sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with
emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last
page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family
oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading
about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.



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Audiobook Review: Wynter’s Journey

Author: Jennifer DeCuir

Narrator: Gabrielle de Cuir

Length: 6h 55m

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Genre: Contemporary Romance



Tragedy tore Wynter and Sam apart before he could tell her how he felt about her. Twelve years later, fate dropped her off on his doorstep, widowed, desperately broke, and very pregnant. Sam has spent his entire adult life trying to forget Wynter, and here she was, ready to collect on a promise he’d made when he was young and in love. His sense of honor dictated that he take her in when she needed him most. It was only temporary, after all. But living under the same roof quickly led to old feelings resurfacing. Now the one person he’d wanted to leave behind is the one person he can’t let go.

She knew seeing her reminded Sam of everything he’d lost, but Wynter had no choice. If she were going to make it back to Scallop Shores to raise her baby, she needed his help. Only she hadn’t counted on the long winter nights, getting reacquainted with a childhood friend she’d loved like a brother, a friend who’d grown into a man she found herself wanting to get to know on a whole different level.

Delivering Wynter’s baby at home during a fierce snow storm forces Sam to fill in as temporary dad. It’s a role he’d gladly make permanent. Too bad the one place Wynter is determined to raise her daughter is the one place Sam swore he’d never step foot in again. Had he gotten a second chance to tell her he loved her only to lose her again? Or is this time for keeps?


Buy on AudibleAmazon


Review 2

A lovely book that starts with the friendship between Wynter and Sam, a friendship put on hold because of a tragedy that affected not only Sam, but his relationship with the only girl he’s ever loved.  After twelve years apart, Wynter needs his help, after losing her husband and waiting to deliver her baby girl. It is a story about second chances in love and life, about working towards achieving one’s dreams and finding strength within.

The characters are very likeable and believable. There is nothing extraordinary about them, just two friends, trying to catch up on lost time. When Wynter comes looking for Sam in hope of not having to go back to her overprotective parents, Sam’s life and heart is turned upside down. He has never forgotten his friend from back home, the girl whose heart he was hoping to win someday. However, he never expected her to come looking for him after so many years and pregnant. Maybe life just wants to give him a second chance. Now all he has to do is overcome his guilt and fears. Easier said than done…

The title has Wynter’s name, suggesting the story is more about her life, not Sam’s.  A widow at a very young age, she comes looking for support in her best friend. I liked her strength and determination to make it on her own, to raise her child on her own. However, comparing her life with Sam’s, I think he was much more entitled to have his name on the cover. She was selfish at times, especially not thinking too much about his reasons for staying away. I was not very confortable towards the end, where she is much more willing to accomplish her dreams, not theirs.

The narration was good, Gabrielle de Cuir did a nice job telling Wynter’s story. There were moments where her voice was a little raised, when in reality I don’t think it was necessary. But other than that, I really liked her!

All that said, this book was an amazing read and it really lifted my spirits a little. It is never too late to have the life you want, you just have to keep it clear in your mind where you’d like to go and who you want to become.


Jennifer DeCuir is the author of the Scallop Shores series, set on the coast of Maine, where she grew up. Now living on the opposite side of the country, she’s busy raising two kids and a husband. Her life resembles a sitcom, but that means endless story ideas. Coffee and chocolate keep her productive. Wine keeps her sane.


Gabrielle has narrated over 150 titles specializing in fantasy, humor, and audiobooks requiring extensive foreign language and accent skills. Her “velvet touch” as an actors’ director has earned her a special place in the audiobook world as the foremost choice for authors and celebrities. She grew up in London and Rome with her wildly cinematic Oscar-winning father. She is the creator of two successful Kickstarter campaigns for audiobooks this past year. For the past 3 years running, she has had finalists in the Audie EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION category. She is co-founder of Audie, Grammy and Hugo winning Skyboat Media located in L.A.







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