April TBR

April TBR

Hey there,

April is here, with new challenges and new titles to read and review. My month has begun in full force, with a Read-a-thon (details can be found here) and that is great as it motivates me to read along with the other participants. I’ve included the TBR list for this event on the dedicated article so I have not considered the titles here again. However, the books I need to read in April are quite a lot! And I have to recover some of the books I have not managed to finish in March. I am going to have a busy month 😦

 Here is what I have planned, not considering the “recoveries” or any new additions between preparing this article and the posting date:

  1. Gun Kiss by Khaled Talib
  2. Stray by Natasha Stories
  3. Acceptable Risk by Cadance Belvins
  4. The Ganga Shift by Mary Bensen
  5. Antipodes by Michele Bacon
  6. The Last King by Katee Robert
  7. Redferne Lane by Sharah Scholefield
  8. Her Secret Friend by Juliance Stevens
  9. The Art of Fully Living by Tal Gur
  10. Orca Rising by Chris Hannon
  11. Upon your Honor by Marie Lavender
  12. Daisy’s Choice by Mike Owens
  13. Chance Encounter by Nancy Warren
  14. Kiss in the Rain by Nancy Warren
  15. Just for a While by Zoe Haslie
  16. Taken by Love by Melissa Foster
  17. Onions by C. Y. Young
  18. In-Laws and Outlaws by Kate Fulford
  19. Meet Me in the Garden by Rosa Sophia
  20. Upon Your Love by Marie Lavender
  21. Wolfstone by Konstantina Papadopoulou
  22. Iris in Bloom by Nancy Warren
  23. It’s All About the Duke by Amelia Grey
  24. A Witch’s Concern by N. E. Conneely
  25. Racing Hearts by Bridget Farrell
  26. Forget You by Nina Crespo
  27. When a Duke Pursues a Lady by Tabetha Waite

This time I think I have more e-books than audio, so this will really be a challenge! But as usual I am confident that all will work fine. I’ll confirm it my wrap up article.

Let me know what are your reading plans or drop a link to your TBR in the comments below.

Have a joyful month!


P.S.: Short update: 5 books down, more than 20 to go :)))))


Tackle that TBR Round 2

tackle that tbr

Guess what?? #tacklethatTBR has started!!!

I’m joining late and it seems I have quite a lot to catch up. The read-a-thon is hosted by Lauren from The Bookish Fairy and it takes place until the 15th of April. There are 5 challenges:

  1. Read a book in a series

  2. Read a stand alone

  3. Read a book that you really need to finish

  4. Read a book that has been on your TBR for more than a year

  5. Read 5 books.

These are the books I want to finish during the read-a-thon:

  1. Fast Track To Glory by Tomasz Chrusciel
  2. Shadows, Shells, and Spain by John Meyer
  3. Before the Morning by Zee Monodee (on my TBR for more than a year I think)
  4. Drift Stumble Fall by M. Jonathan Lee
  5. Lord Bachelor by Tammy L. Bailey
  6. Love At Five Thousand Feet by Jane Lawis

I love this event as it gives me the opportunity to follow up on my urgent books to read and the participants are friendly. There is also a Twitter channel here so come and join us for the fun!

Happy Reading!

March Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

Some (including me) would argue that having 31 days in a month would be more than enough to read 20 books, especially taking into account my reading habits. Well, this was one of my worst reading months as of late (I think). Because of factors out of my control (like crappy time at the office and my health not being as great), I have managed to read 13 books out of the 33 I had planned. I was missing 5 more from my TBR, so at least I managed to include those. Without further lamentations, let’s see the titles I did manage to read:


  1. The Final Enemy by Dan Petrosini (audio format)
  2. Breakwater by Errin Stevens (audio format)
  3. Now That I’ve Found You by Bella Andre (audio format)
  4. Immortal Reckoning by Tara Fox Hall (e-copy)
  5. Since I Fell For You by Bella Andre (audio format)
  6. Thirsty by Mia Hopkins (e-copy)
  7. The Flames by Kyle Prue (audio format)
  8. Level Me Up by Lauren Helms (audio format)
  9. You Do Something To Me by Bella Andre (audio format)wrapup11
  10. Daughter of the King by Ashley York (e-copy)
  11. Deserving It by Angela Quarles (e-copy)
  12. Love’s Courage by Elizabeth Meyette (audio format)
  13. Three Lessons in Seduction by Sofie Darling (audio format)
  14. Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell (audio format)
  15. Ignited by A. M. Deese (e-copy)
  16. Beneath by Maureen A. Miller (e-copy)
  17. Right Kiss, Wrong Guy by Natalie Decker (e-copy)
  18. Right Text, Wrong Number by Natalie Decker (e-copy)


Yup, not proud of myself! I have some free days in April that will help redeem myself for this month. I have two books that I’ve started and not finished and some of the books in my March TBR were ARCs of titles that have released in March, so that’s awful from my end!


I’ll stop lingering now and get to reading! See ya soon 🙂

My Reading Blockers


Lately, I had issues finding the time to pick up a book and read and even when I could find the time, I was not in the right state of mind to pay attention to the story or not actually in the mood. So I decided to analyze a little the reasons behind it and to find ways to balance time and disposition with everything else going on in my day-to-day life. These are the main reasons I’ve identified and how they affect my reading progress:

  1. My Job

How it affects me: by far it’s the main reason and affects not only the amount of time that I dedicate to reading, but also my mood. I spend at least 9 hours a day, Monday to Friday at the office. Sometimes I am too tired or too upset to focus on books or even take some work home.

How I’m improving (quitting not an option): I took my time in organizing my activities at the office, so that I will not have to work from home as much. Also, detaching from office problems helps me with my mood. This last part is still difficult, but I am trying at least.

  1. TV

How it affects me: I cannot read and watch TV at the same time. Either one holds my interest or the other. Some TV shows are worth my time, others are not. The problem is that once I turn it on, it’s difficult not to shuffle those channels.

How I’m improving: I’m turning on the TV only when I know there’s something I really need to watch. As for my favorite TV shows, I’m trying to stick to one or two episodes a day, while I am crocheting in general. I started turning off the TV before sleeping, so that I can spend at least one more half an hour reading. In this case, the results are visible.

  1. My other hobbies

How it affects me: I like sewing, I like crocheting and I like embroidery! And I do not want to quit! I do not want to shorten the time I dedicate to these activities, on the contrary. I would prefer to sleep less rather than them give up! It relaxes me and it makes me feel good when I see something coming out of my hands, even if I am a beginner and not everything I make comes out just I as wanted (yet).

How I’m improving: I’m using this time to listen to different audiobooks and it’s a perfect combination! The difficult task here is to give up an episode of Gilmore Girls in favor of some chapters from the audiobook. But since watching TV affects my sewing or crocheting progress, the book wins by far!

  1. Time spent moving from place to place

How it affects me: We all have to go to the office, school, a friend’s house or some other place. I know it may sound silly but sometimes I spend too much time on the road.

How I’m improving: Again, audiobooks. I am more relaxed when I drive and listen to a book. Also, if I need to wait for someone in a parking lot, I have a physical book with me and read. People look at me funny though…

  1. Housework

How it affects me: Inevitably, people have to eat and some even clean after themselves. I am one of those people. I am a messy person so cleaning is something that I have to do often.

How I’m improving: Well, the best thing is to try and become more organized at home as well. If I do house cleaning today, I should do my best to keep all things in their place. However, this is still not happening. So while I clean or cook I am listening to a book. It makes the activity more enjoyable(undoubtedly).

  1. Social media

How it affects me: I am a blogger, so social media should be part of my daily routine. As opposed to other book bloggers, I don’t spend as much time on Social Media, but when I do check Facebook or any other social platform, I lose track of time. I see a beautiful picture there, one interesting article there and so time flies!

How I’m improving: I try to book a certain amount of time every day for Social Media check in. This happens in the evening, when I am close to my bed time so that I am not tempted to stay too much. I am still working on improving this step, but I’ll get there.

  1. A not so good book

How it affects me: With all my efforts to make time for reading, if I land upon a book that is not so good, or not to my liking, it definitely takes me away from reading. I find myself sometimes frustrated because I don’t usually give up on books after the first 10 pages. I go through a good part of it before deciding if it’s worth finishing or not. Normally I finish all books. I think it happened only once to give up on a series because the book was very long and I did not feel the pull. When this happens, I am disappointed and I have an ugly feeling that the next book will be the same.

How I’m improving:  I usually accept a book with an open heart and mind. I listen to an audiobook as well and if I happen not to like one, I will like the other.

Reading makes me feel good, makes me forget about my daily issues and helps me relax. So why shouldn’t I try to make my life better with activities that contribute it? I’m doing my best to dedicate my time to it and I advise you to do the same 🙂 Clean up your act, bring beauty to your days with things that make you feel good. Enjoy 🙂

March TBR


Some would say that March 5th would bring spring. Not yet, in my corner of the world. So while staying in my PJs, under a blanket, I’m compiling my TBR:

  1. Sneaking Out by Chuck Vance
  2. The Final Enemy by Dan Petrosini
  3. Revelations by Bellamy Westbay
  4. 10202040 by Trevor Elder
  5. Breakwater by Errin Stevens
  6. The Book of Witches by Margaret Fisher
  7. The First Kiss of Spring by Emily March
  8. Now That I’ve Found You by Bella Andre
  9. Sherlock Holmes and the Cult of Cthulhu by James G. Boswell
  10. Escape from Behruz by Judy Meadows
  11. Immortal Reckoning by Tara Fox Hall
  12. Aphrodite’s Tears by Hannah Fielding
  13. Inescapable Fate by Hanleigh Bradley
  14. Lovesick by Jacqueline Levering Sullivan
  15. Since I Fell For You by Bella Andre
  16. Animals of the Carnival by Trevor Elder
  17. The Flames by Kyle Prue
  18. Celesta by J. D. Evergreen
  19. Acceptable Risk by Cadance Belvins
  20. Level Me Up by Lauren Helms
  21. King Judy by David Clow
  22. Kosta by M. Eror
  23. You Do Something To Me by Bella Andre
  24. We Own the Sky by Sara Crawford
  25. Inconclusive Evidence by Reily Garrett
  26. Love’s Courage by Elizabeth Meyette
  27. Three Lessons in Seduction by Sofie Darling
  28. Seven Days Of Infamy by Nicholas Best
  29. Five Days That Shocked The World by Nicholas Best
  30. Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender
  31. Ignited by A. M. Deese
  32. Right Kiss, Wrong Guy by Natalie Decker
  33. Right Text, Wrong Number by Natalie Decker

Since I have more books than days in this month, I am not adding any more titles from my backlists, by I am secretly hoping to read some more. Yes, I am a dreamer 🙂  That’s it for now, I have a lot to read and write about. Happy Reading!

February Wrap Up


February was not a great reading month for me at all. I had so much planned to read and out of the 34 books on my list, I managed to read 20, which means my TBR is growing, instead of decreasing. I have not managed to keep up with my resolutions, I have not managed to post as much as I would have liked. But despite all that, I am still happy with what I did manage to do, taking into account I was very very busy at the office.

Note to self: Quit your job!!!

Note to self #2: DO NOT quit your job, you still need it! 

On a more positive note, I started a couple of tags on social media which are fun to follow:

#lillysbookquotes – some of my favorite book quotes

#myreadingmoments – those moments when things happen

#havefunwhilereading – brainstorming ideas on how to make my reading experience even more enjoyable

I also discovered an amazing audiobook series:  A Witch’s Path by N. E. Conneely. I will talk more about it in a future article, but I tell you, this was FANTASTIC! You can check my reviews, linked below to have a taste of my opinion, but more about the series and about the reasons why I find it so great will come soon. Since we talk about “amazing”, I also read my first Kristy Nicolle book (yes, I’ve just now read my first Kristy Nicolle book…) and it was so much more than I expected. Luckily, that earned me the other books in the series, as the author was so very kind as to end those over so I can review and share them with you.

Without further prolonging this article, here are the books that I managed to finish, with links where reviews are available on my blog (I’ll soon add the others):

  1. Witch for Hire by N. E. Conneely (audiobook)
  2. Off Limits by Claire Connelly (e-copy)
  3. Girl Divided by Willow Rose (e-copy)
  4. Vacation Bride by Vicky Loebel (audiobook)
  5. Drumline by Stacy Kestwick (audiobook)
  6. A Witch’s Path by N. E. Conneely (audiobook)
  7. Ruled by Anne Marsh (e-copy)
  8. A Week To Be Wild by J.C. Hrroway (e-copy)wrapup21
  9. Starblind by D.T. Dyllin (audiobook)
  10. Legacy by Jesikah Sundin (audiobook)
  11. A Witch’s Trial by N. E. Conneely (audiobook)
  12. In the Dark by Chris Patchell (audiobook)
  13. Parallex by D.T. Dyllin (audiobook)
  14. Dark Harvest by Chris Patchell (audiobook)
  15. Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs (e-copy)
  16. The Madame Catches Her Duke by Christina McNight (e-copy)
  17. The Kiss That Killed Me by Kristy Nicolle (e-copy)
  18. Flux by D.T. Dyllin (audiobook)
  19. Updrift by Errin Stevens (audiobook)
  20. Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow by P. G. Challis (e-copy)wrapup11

If February had 28 days and I scheduled 34 books, imagine how my March schedule looks like.

Thank you very much for reading through my wrap up and I’ll talk to you guys around J Happy Reading!


(Late) February TBR

February TBR

I am again late with my TBR. Already half a month has passed and I am behind schedule, mainly because I set up too many tasks (as usual), but also because of my job. I came home more tired than usual and I wanted to rest my eyes for a while. So I have plenty of catching up to do. I have recently posted my resolutions for 2018 and I do want to follow them.

Without further whining, here are the books that I plan to read this month, some of which have already been reviewed on my blog:

  1. Witch for Hire by N. E. Conneely
  2. Off Limits by Claire Connelly
  3. Girl Divided by Willow Rose
  4. Vacation Bride by Vicky Loebel
  5. Drumline by Stacy Kestwick
  6. A Witch’s Path by N. E. Conneely
  7. Ruled by Anne Marsh
  8. The French Adventure by Lucy Coleman
  9. A Week To Be Wild by J.C. Hrroway
  10. Starblind by D.T. Dyllin
  11. Legacy by Jesikah Sundin
  12. Dark City, Darker Night by Abe Evergreen
  13. Project Bodi: Awaken the Power of Insight by Hosein Kouros-Mehr
  14. A Witch’s Trial by N. E. Conneely
  15. In the Dark by Chris Patchell
  16. Pen & Xander by Laekean Kemp
  17. Parallex by D.T. Dyllin
  18. Stolen by Jessica Titone
  19. Dark Harvest by Chris Patchell
  20. Hungry for Love by Maya Sacher
  21. Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs
  22. The Madame Catches Her Duke by Christina McNight
  23. Flux by D.T. Dyllin
  24. Revelations by Bellamy Westbay
  25. Updrift by Errin Stevens

These would be the books for which I have a date scheduled and most of them are part of blog tours. But I also have a few extra, which are commitments as well, but I have no fixed date yet. Still, I’d like it to be this month and no later:

  1. Lord Bachelor by Tammy L. Bailey
  2. Fast Track To Glory by Thomasz Chrusciel
  3. Shadows, Shells and Spain by John Meyer
  4. Love at Five Thousand Feet by Jane Lewis
  5. Deserving It by Angela Quarles
  6. Arcane by Erzabet Bishop

Now let’s see what I can do to reduce my growing TBR. Since I have already crowded February with more books than I can handle, I’ll only select 3 books (which are also a must):

  1. Starswept by Mary Fan (on my TBR since last month)
  2. Strictly Surgical by Mila Mesa (on my TBR since last month)
  3. The Kiss That Killed Me by Kristy Nicolle (on my TBR since November 2017)

I’m already three books behind schedule and I haven’t read anything this weekend, only listened to audiobooks. But I am still confident, until my wrap up. I am excited for some of these titles and there are some books which are quick reads so I am hoping to finish all of them, or at least as much as I can. Let me know in the comments below what are your plans for this month. Happy Reading!