A-Z Books by Author


A, Angel – Mary Poser

Adams, Suzanne – Musings of an Earth Angel

Alward, Donna – The Crown Prince’s Bride

Andre, Bella – Now That I’ve Found You

Andre, Bella – Since I Fell For You

Archer, Stephanie – The Vampire Games

Atlas, Lilly – Acer


Bailey, Tammy L. – Mine, Forever and Always

Bardan, Amber – Didn’t I Warn You (Bad for You #1)

Baron, Marilyn – The Alibi

Barris, J.Y. – Erase

Barth, Christi – Check My Heart

Beck, Heather – Frostbitten

Beckstrand, Karl  – Muffy & Valor: A True Story

Beckstrand, Karl  – The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living

Bellus, H.J. – The Flight of Hope

Benet, Mandi – To Rome, With Love

Berla, Kathryn – 12 Hours in Paradise

Bielawski, Rebecca – Bees Like Flowers (Mummy Nature #2)

Blooding, S. M. – Whiskey Witches

Blooding, S.M. – Blood Moon Magick

Briggs, Kim – Starr Fall

Brown, Melissa – If You Can’t Take the Heat

Buchbinder, Sharon – Legacy of Evil (Hotel LaBelle #2)

Burkhart, Stephanie – The Count’s Lair


Cahill, Lily – Secretly Craved (Billionaire Bear Brotherhood)

Cain, J.F. – Angels’ Whispers

Canterbary, Kate – Preservation

Catacalos, Patricia – The Mistletoe

Catacalos, Patricia – The Aura of the Crescent Moon

Cavallo, Frank – Eye of the Storm

Challis, P. G. – Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow

Champagne, Cheri – The Trouble with Love

Champagne, Cheri – Love and Deceit (Mason Siblings Series #3)

Chrusciel, Tomasz – The Vestals Conspiracy: A Novella

Circelli, Kristina – The Silent Sound of Chaos

Cole, Addison – Sunsets at Seaside

Cole, Dean M. – Solitude

Cole, Libby – The Hawaiian Trilogy

Conneely, N.E. – A Witch’s Path – Book 1

Conneely, N.E. – A Witch’s Path

Conneely, N.E. – A Witch’s Trial

Connelly, Clare – Off Limits

Cowen, Amanda – Perfect Sense

Cruz, Melisa de la – Surviving High School

Culetto, X – Understanding the Stars


Davis, Belle – Yummy Addictions #1

Davis, Kaitlyn – Frost (Midnight Ice Book One)

Davis, Kaitlyn – Freeze (Midnight Ice #2)

Davis, Kaitlyn – Fracture (Midnight Ice #3)

Davis, Kaitlyn – Shatter

Day, Elis O. – Interviewing For Her Lover

Day, Elis O. – The Voyeur Series

Decuir, Jennifer – Wynter’s Journey

DeRosa, G.K – Wilder

Diehl, Gregory V. – Travel as Transformation: Conquer the Limits of Culture to Discover Your Own Identity

Dresden, William & Gilbert, Jean – Light In My Dark

Ducote, Lee – Micah

Duell, Amber R. – Fragile Chaos

Durand, Anna – The Mortal Falls (Undercover Elementals Book 1)

Dyllin, D.T. – Starblind

Dyllin, D.T. – Parallax

Dyllin, D.T. – Flux


Eggleton, Robert – Rarity from the Hollow

Elder, Trevor – The Quick & The Sharp

Elise, Simone – Reaper’s Claim

Epps, L. J. – I Wish I could Remember You



Falzoi Post, Kama  – InHuman

Fehlbaum, Beth – The Patience Trilogy

Fielding, Hannah  – Indiscretion (Andalucían Nights #1)

Finley, Eden – One Night with Hemsworth
Flynn, Eva – The Renegade Queen

Ford, Lizzy – West

Foster, Melissa – The Real Thing

Foster, Melissa – Carson


Gadeyne, Anaelle – More Than a Slave

Gadoury, Chantal – Allerleirauh

Galanti, Donna – A Human Element

Garrett, Reily – Journey to Dawn: Step One, Breathe

Garrett, Reily – Bending Fate: A Prequel to Carnal Whispers: Mind Stalker

Garrett, Reily – Carnal Obsession: His Heart’s Prisoner

Garrett, Reily – Digital Velocity

Garrett, Reily – Tiago

Gilbert, Julie C. – Awakening

Goldstein, Cathrine – Summer of Irreverence

Green, Christian – The Blood in Their Veins

Green, S. E. – Vanquished

Greene, Amanda J. – Rulers of Darkness Box Set (Books 1,2 and 3)

Griffin, A.M. – The Guicai Talisman

Griffin, Laura – At Close Range

Guare, Kathryn – Dceptive Cadence


Hager, Krysten Lindsay – True Colors (Landry’s True Colors #1)

Hahn, Lisa – Sweet

Hall, Tara Fox – Immortal Reckoning

Hamm, Emma – Silver Blood (Series of Blood #1)

Hardgrave, Danielle – To Trust a Wolf

Harris, Rachel – The Nanny Arrangement

Hartley, Emilia  – Mountain Wolf Protectors

Hayes, Celia – The Difference Between You & Me

Holden, Blair – The Bad Boy’s Girl

Hoover, Colleen – Slammed (Slammed #1)

Hopkins, Faleena – You Don’t Know Me

Hopkins, Mia – Thirsty

Hosack, Mark – The Good Spy Dies Twice

Howard, Roxanne D. – Chicks Dig the Accent

Huntington, Parker S. – Asher Black

Hwneild –  Beyond the Surf


Iover, Dorito – The Silent Sound of Chaos


Jaffrey, Josie  – A Bargain in Silver

Jan, Bernard  – A World Without Color: A True Story Of the Last Three Days With My Cat

Jayne, Jessica – The Misbehaved


Kay, Mia – Hard Silence

Kelley, L.A.  – Rimrider

Kestwick, Stacy – Drumline

Kincheloe, Jennifer  – The Secret Life of Anna Blanc

Klein, Tal M. – The Punch Escrow


Ladawn, Haley – Fade

Land, A.C. – A Shot of Bourbon

Lane, Soraya – Cowboy Stole My Heart (River Ranch #1)

Landish, Lauren – Revenge (Secrets & Lies #1)

Lee, Jonathan M. – Broken Branches

Lefebre, Leen – Frede and Santa

Leslie,  J.L. (& Nicole Dykes) – Marking Madden (Hearts of Hollis: Book One)

Lidell, Alex- Air and Ash

Lo, Teresa – The Sugar Baby Club

Loebel, Vicky – Vacation Bride

Lonardo, Paul – Soul Awakening

Lores, Anna – The Horse List Challenge

Loucks, Lindsey – Wicked Me

Lyndon, Kyrian – Provenance of Bondage (Deadly Veils Book 1)

Lyons, Daralyse – The Dating Diet


Madow, Michelle – Remembrance

Madow, Michelle – Vengeance

Mae, Miss – Catch Me If You Can

Maggert, Terry – Halfway Hunted

Maggert, Terry – Heartborn

Maldonado, Megan – Royal Obsession

Maldonado, Megan – Royal Bond

Mar, Patricia – Stuck on You

Massey,  E.D. – Growing Up Carrie

May, Elida – Following Evan

McGinnis, Maggie – Heart Like Mine (Echo Lake #2)

McLain, Shirley – Princess Adele’s Dragon

McCoy, Jadah – Artificial

McKay, Eliott  – The Aureate Spectacles

McLaughlin, Nicole – Should’ve Been You (Man Enough #3)

McLean, Casi – Beneath the Lake

Mellow, E.J. – The Dreamer: The Dreamland Series Book I (Volume 1)

Miller, Alyse – Untangling the Stars

Miller, Jessica – The Wanderers (The Wanderers #1)

Monodee, Zee – Walking the Edge

Montgomery, L. M – Anne Of The Island

Montgomery, L. M – Anne of Avonlea

Montgomery, L. M. – Anne of Green Gables

Mullins, R.E. – It’s a Wonderful Undead Life


Nave, Brandon – Jessie Kasper

Nicolle, Kristy – The Kiss That Killed Me (The Tidal Kiss Trilogy, #1)

North, Audra – Pushing her luck

North, Leslie – The Sheikh’s Diamond (Sheikh’s Wedding Bet #1)

North, Leslie – Wired


O’Brien, Dan – Sixth Prime (The Prime Saga Book 1)

Owens, Mike – Screwed


Paige, Lindsay – Bending Under Pressure

Palmer, Joyce – Shake Up: An Edison Bay Romance

Patchell, Chris – In The Dark

Patchell, Chris – Dark Harvest

Pennington, Doug K. – The Beach Wife

Petrenko, Anastasia – Loving Ordinary Life

Petrenko, Olga – Intimacy On The Plate (Extra Trim Edition)

Petrosini, Dan – The Final Enemy

Pons, Lele – Surviving High School

Post, Kama Falzoi – InHuman

Prue, Kyle – The Sparks

Prue, Kyle – The Flames

Pudsey, Rachel – The Watcher of the Night Sky

Putney, Mary Jo – Once A Rebel


Quin, Julia – The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband

Quinn, Kiera – Snowfall and Secrets


R, Tara – Feel Me Break

Randall, Audrey – Playing His Game

Ravencroft, Vanessa – Eric Olafson, Space Pirate

Rhew, Erin – The Prophecy

Rials, Hannah – Ascension

Robert, Katee – Forbidden Promises

Roberts, Cynthia – Unchained Melody

Rock, Joanne – His Accidental Heir

Roman, Teresa – Back to Us

Roman, Teresa – Daughter of Magic

Rose, L.D. – Releasing the Demons (The Order of the Senary #1)

Rose, Willow – Girl Divided

Ross, Charlene – Frosted Cowboy

Ross, Charlene – Love on the Rocks (with Salt)

Ruddick, Jessica – Birthright (Legacy #1)


Saint James, London – Always (Two Hearts, One Soul Duet: Book One)

Saperstein, M.D. – Naked Truth

Schwartz, Heather – Darkness Falls

Scott, G.S – Sorrow’s Heart

Secchia, Marc – Aranya

Seen, Fran – Blackbird: an Online Romance

Seidelman, Michael – No One Dies in the Garden of Syn

Slick, Tabi – Tompkin’s School: For The Extraordinarily Talented (Tompkin’s School Trilogy Book 1)

Shade, L.T. – Under Her Authority

Shaff, Kristal – Powers of the Six

Sim, Tara – Timekeeper

Smith, Cheryl Ann – The Sweetheart Mystery

Smith, K.N. – The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses (The Urban Boys #1)

Stein, Lucinda – Jadeite’s Journey

Stanley, Pam – Sole Obsession

Stark, Nicole – After Impact #1

Stevens, Errin – Updrift

Stevens, Errin – Breakwater

Sundin, Jesikah – Legacy (The Biodome Chronicles #1)

Sweetwater, Iris – Texas Roze


Turner, Sadie & Freedman, Colette  – Anomalies

Tran, Amber D. – Moon River

Tarant Schmidt, Diana – Remember for Me

Thompson, Shannon A. – Bad Bloods: November Rain


Van Risseghem, Kristin D. – The Passage, a Dance, and a Little White Dress

Vance-Tompkins, Sarah – Kisses on a Paper Airplane

Vine, Adam – Corruption

Vine, Adam – Lurk

Vogt, Jill Cox – Dancing with Armando

Vogue – Black Diamonds


Ward, Jas T. – Soul Bound: The Warrior

Whitaker, L. F. – Desire and Deliverence

Wibell, Katharine E – Issaura’s Claws (The Incarn Saga #1)

Wikarski, Nancy – Into the Jaws of the Lion

Williams, Brooke – The Leftover

Willink, Dakota – Heart of Stone

Willink, Dakota – Stepping Stone

Wilton, Patrice – A Heavenly Christmas

Wilton, Patrice – Someone to Love

Wilton, Patrice – Paradise Cove

Wilton, Patrice – Hooked on You

Wilton, Patrice – Play Right By Me


York, Ashley – Daughter of the King