Audiobook Review: Level Me Up


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Can the gamer win the girl in LEVEL ME UP by Lauren Helms? Dex Roberts falls hard and fast for Morgan Lawson, but the last thing Morgan is looking for while attending Comic-Con, is love. Fans of R.S. Grey and Gaming the System series by Brenna Aubrey will love this nerdy and flirty story about what happens when a sweet and sexy pro gamer meets the girl-next-door.  Now available on audiobook!

Title: Level Me UpLevelMeUp

Author: Lauren Helms

Release Date: February 2018

Narrator: Lacey Gilleran

Series: Gamer Boy #1

Genres: New Adult Romance

Length: 5 hours and 42 minutes

Format: Audiobook, paperback, eBook



 The last thing Morgan Lawson is looking for when attending Comic-Con is love. But even prior to exchanging first words, Morgan is drawn to Dex, a drop-dead sexy gamer boy who lives and breathes video games. Before she realizes it, Morgan finds herself caught up in all things Dex.

Dex Roberts knows from the moment he first sees Morgan, he wants more. He falls hard and fast but isn’t surprised when his job as a professional video gamer takes a toll on their relationship.

Once Morgan decides what truly makes her happy, there’s no time to waste. But without warning, life threatens to destroy what both Morgan and Dex want most… each other.


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My Review

Uf, this book gave me some mixed feelings. On one side, I did enjoy the audiobook, I liked the narration very much, but I wanted a bigger explosion, and that explosion was left much towards the end.

We have here a team of Call of Battle (hope I got the name right) players who earn their monthly income by doing exactly what they love: playing games. All the books in the series will follow the team members but book one brings us Dex and Morgan – Dex being the player, game player. He is the perfect guy: good looking, friendly, respectful and sexy as sin! She is a nerd. She knows nothing about games, knows nothing about what being a gamer means and on top of that, has her own family issues.

Let’s start with the writing. It was clean, sweet and gentle. We have a dual perspective story that is very useful in many situations towards the book. There are moments in which one character acts in a way that apparently makes no sense, but once we have his or her POV, all clears up. We have family and friendship as main themes. So I can say it’s all ok on this area. The end brings a solution to all problems. It was unexpected, but a bit rushed to my taste.


The characters are not exceptional. They would seem boring, but even boring people have some interesting story. Yes, they are not exceptional (well, Dex kind of is), they are not explosive, but sweet and genuine. I disliked Morgan completely. I tried to find excuses for her behavior in her family issues but her jealousy and refusal to understand or accept Dex’s lifestyle really bothered me. The guy really was sweet!

The narration was great and as I would have imagined. The narrator managed to capture Morgan’s episodes and her frustration and as well as Dex’s inner struggle to understand her and save his relationship, if possible.

So without too much wine and dine, I will go with 3.5 stars for this book, but I can tell you that the series is very promising. The other couples are much more interesting and intriguing. Book two “One More Round” is published already as far as Goodreads shows and I cannot wait to give it a try. I loved Dax, did not like that much Morgan but the book is worth your while big time J Happy Reading/Listening!

About Lauren Helms:lh

Author Lauren Helms has been an avid reader from a young age. After starting a book review site, that launched her fully into the book world, she decided to take the plunge and write her first novel. Since she was working for a video game strategy guide publisher at the time, she decided to mix what she knew best, video games and romance. Jumping all in, she joined NaNoWrimo and a month later had a 50K word first draft. Lauren lives in Indianapolis, IN with her video game playing husband, two little girl book nerds, and a little boy who will hopefully be a gamer boy too some day!

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My Reading Blockers


Lately, I had issues finding the time to pick up a book and read and even when I could find the time, I was not in the right state of mind to pay attention to the story or not actually in the mood. So I decided to analyze a little the reasons behind it and to find ways to balance time and disposition with everything else going on in my day-to-day life. These are the main reasons I’ve identified and how they affect my reading progress:

  1. My Job

How it affects me: by far it’s the main reason and affects not only the amount of time that I dedicate to reading, but also my mood. I spend at least 9 hours a day, Monday to Friday at the office. Sometimes I am too tired or too upset to focus on books or even take some work home.

How I’m improving (quitting not an option): I took my time in organizing my activities at the office, so that I will not have to work from home as much. Also, detaching from office problems helps me with my mood. This last part is still difficult, but I am trying at least.

  1. TV

How it affects me: I cannot read and watch TV at the same time. Either one holds my interest or the other. Some TV shows are worth my time, others are not. The problem is that once I turn it on, it’s difficult not to shuffle those channels.

How I’m improving: I’m turning on the TV only when I know there’s something I really need to watch. As for my favorite TV shows, I’m trying to stick to one or two episodes a day, while I am crocheting in general. I started turning off the TV before sleeping, so that I can spend at least one more half an hour reading. In this case, the results are visible.

  1. My other hobbies

How it affects me: I like sewing, I like crocheting and I like embroidery! And I do not want to quit! I do not want to shorten the time I dedicate to these activities, on the contrary. I would prefer to sleep less rather than them give up! It relaxes me and it makes me feel good when I see something coming out of my hands, even if I am a beginner and not everything I make comes out just I as wanted (yet).

How I’m improving: I’m using this time to listen to different audiobooks and it’s a perfect combination! The difficult task here is to give up an episode of Gilmore Girls in favor of some chapters from the audiobook. But since watching TV affects my sewing or crocheting progress, the book wins by far!

  1. Time spent moving from place to place

How it affects me: We all have to go to the office, school, a friend’s house or some other place. I know it may sound silly but sometimes I spend too much time on the road.

How I’m improving: Again, audiobooks. I am more relaxed when I drive and listen to a book. Also, if I need to wait for someone in a parking lot, I have a physical book with me and read. People look at me funny though…

  1. Housework

How it affects me: Inevitably, people have to eat and some even clean after themselves. I am one of those people. I am a messy person so cleaning is something that I have to do often.

How I’m improving: Well, the best thing is to try and become more organized at home as well. If I do house cleaning today, I should do my best to keep all things in their place. However, this is still not happening. So while I clean or cook I am listening to a book. It makes the activity more enjoyable(undoubtedly).

  1. Social media

How it affects me: I am a blogger, so social media should be part of my daily routine. As opposed to other book bloggers, I don’t spend as much time on Social Media, but when I do check Facebook or any other social platform, I lose track of time. I see a beautiful picture there, one interesting article there and so time flies!

How I’m improving: I try to book a certain amount of time every day for Social Media check in. This happens in the evening, when I am close to my bed time so that I am not tempted to stay too much. I am still working on improving this step, but I’ll get there.

  1. A not so good book

How it affects me: With all my efforts to make time for reading, if I land upon a book that is not so good, or not to my liking, it definitely takes me away from reading. I find myself sometimes frustrated because I don’t usually give up on books after the first 10 pages. I go through a good part of it before deciding if it’s worth finishing or not. Normally I finish all books. I think it happened only once to give up on a series because the book was very long and I did not feel the pull. When this happens, I am disappointed and I have an ugly feeling that the next book will be the same.

How I’m improving:  I usually accept a book with an open heart and mind. I listen to an audiobook as well and if I happen not to like one, I will like the other.

Reading makes me feel good, makes me forget about my daily issues and helps me relax. So why shouldn’t I try to make my life better with activities that contribute it? I’m doing my best to dedicate my time to it and I advise you to do the same 🙂 Clean up your act, bring beauty to your days with things that make you feel good. Enjoy 🙂

Book Review: Deserving It

About the book:Deserving it


Title: Deserving It (Stolen Moments #3)

Author: Angela Quarles

Published: February 8th 2018

Source: Received from The Romance Reviews

Format: e-copy


Stranded by a hurricane. Check. Hotel secured. Check. Hot guy to share it with. Check. No, wait. Not him!

A tough girl with an awkward flirt-game, Claire has long ago given up on catching the eye of Irish hottie Conor and she refuses to change. If he doesn’t like her as is, then screw him.

A loner workaholic too busy to notice, Conor isn’t looking to nail the next chick–even one as hot as Claire–just his next bonus-earning presentation.

But when a hurricane strands them in Atlanta and they’re forced to shack up in the same hotel room for several days, things tend to get…exposed.

DESERVING IT is a steamy, standalone romantic comedy from RITA Winning and USA Today bestselling author Angela Quarles with a happy-ever-after and no cheating or cliffhangers.

Check it on: Amazon & Goodreads

My Review:

A nice couple we have here and a book I really enjoyed. It was funny, a quick read and gave me that nice and cozy feeling, especially since at the time I was reading it, it was also raining outside. Even if this is the third book in the “Stolen Moments” series, it can be read as a stand-alone, but it does give you that feeling of wanting to read more from Angela Quarles.

Claire and Conor have had their fair share of happenings in life and both have something to run from, including each other. However, due to some misunderstanding they never got the chance to become more than team mates. Life has a way of turning things in the right direction though. When a hurricane puts them together in the same room, things start happening and truths starts coming to light. They will know many more things about each other, bodies included.

I must say that the author really did a great job pointing out Conor’s Irish origins. I did not mind at all the specific phrases or expressions included, on the contrary, they made the delight of my reading experience. The impact the weather has on the environment is also presented, as well as the preparations people make before the event.

In regards to character development, both have family issues that are only scratched in the book. The short length does not allow us to better understand the problems, especially when it comes to Conor. Claire’s struggle with bulimia and the steps she had to take in order to become in control of her life are touched upon quite well, but I wanted to see more when it comes to her relationship with her mom. The same goes for him, I would have wanted to understand more his protective side.

With all these taken into account, I will give 3.5 stars (rounded to 4) to this book, with the mention that for sure the other books in the series deserve the attention. The writing was beautiful, the story was extremely hot and everything combined gave me a nice lovely feeling. Happy Reading!

About the Authorangelaquarles

An avid reader herself, Angela Quarles writes books she’d like to read–laugh-out-loud, smart romances that suck you into her worlds and won’t let you go until you reach The End.








 She is a RWA RITA® award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary, time travel, and steampunk romance. Library Journal named her steampunk, Steam Me Up, Rawley, Best Self-Published Romance of 2015 and Must Love Chainmail won the 2016 RITA® Award in the paranormal category, the first indie to win in that category. Angela loves history, folklore, and family history and combined it with her active imagination to write stories of romance and adventure.

Book Review: Daughter of the King

A mistaken identity. A gruesome murder. The uniting of two powerful clans.
Daughter of the King Tour Graphic
Award Winning Author Ashley York
Daughter of the King
Series: The Derbfine Series Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: March 17, 2018
A mistaken identity. A gruesome murder. Was it self-defense? Or Regicide?
Trained as a warrior, Brighit of Clan Cruadhlaoch despises the trappings and demands of womanhood…
Selfish dreams need to be set aside for the good of the clan, but a shocking murder only causes more turmoil. Especially as she stands accused. With no one else to turn to, can Brighit find escape in the arms of her new husband or will he require she reveal her inner most secrets?
Darragh of Clan MacNaughton is expected to follow his father into kingship but has little desire for the coveted title…
His willful wife is another matter. He has great desire for her. Despite her denial, he sees her womanly virtues and it sets him afire to know her, both body and soul. Will she resist his overwhelming need to possess all of her?


My Review

What is not to love about this book? A romance as strong as time, good characters and good plot. Oh, and the Irish aspect of it all offers a delight to the reader. So yes, I liked it.

I always like good romance books. I always love when authors bring that something to the story that keeps me reading and reading. This is what happened to me with “Daughter of the King”, because I read it in one day. I was so captivated by the traditions, the bride and groom and the intrigue that I kept pushing for the end.

Brighit of Clan Cruadhlaoch has been promised as bride to Darragh of Clan MacNaughton, with the intention to unite the two clans. But the little Brighit would not be commanded as a child and will definitely not submit to anybody as a young woman. Darragh has got himself a feisty one, I tell ya! The night before her wedding, she gets into trouble and thus, her marriage starts off with a lie that would follow and torment her for the weeks to come.

The main characters are well developed. They both have a kind heart; even if Brighit’s rebellious personality causes trouble or Darragh’s legacy as a future leader of his clan imposes a strong personality. Still, out of the two, he has the most difficult task to win her trust. He proves his nobility and treats her with the respect she deserves as his wife. I loved him so so much! Brighit’s secret is what keeps her away from her husband and her fear of the repercussions her acts may bring upon her family. But they are both such a lovely couple.

The author has delighted us with a glimpse of Irish culture and as well dialect. Even if at the beginning it was a little hard to follow the particularities, I quickly became accustomed and even liked it. I would have liked to see more in regards to the traditions of those times however.

To summarize, this is a quick and lovely romance book, with a dose of Irish. Even if this is not the first book in the series, it can be easily read as a strand alone. I am a fan of Ashley York’s work now and I cannot wait to read more of the series. 5 stars and  Happy Reading J

About Ashley York

Ashley York

Award-winning author Ashley York writes historical romance full of passion and intrigue set in 11th and 12th century Ireland, Scotland, and England where life was wild and survival was never guaranteed.
Whether it’s in the mysterious ring forts of Éire, the Scottish Highlands, or the battle fields of Hastings her characters fight hard and play hard. Good or evil, primary or secondary, they all evoke strong emotional responses.
Passionate about history and research, York may tweak some historical facts (like the location of the Baron’s Rebellion), but the flavor of the time is undeniable. With heroes and heroines you’ll want to read about again and again, her stories are fresh and unpredictable but still finish with a satisfying HEA.
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Audiobook Review: The Flames

Author: Kyle Prue

Narrator: Jon Eric Preston

Length: 12 hours 16 minutes

Series: The Feud Trilogy, Book 2

Publisher: Cartwright Publishing

Released: Jan. 18, 2018

Genre: YA Fantasy

To survive incredible odds, one teen may have to trust both his former enemies and his fire-forged destiny….

Neil Vapros is one of the last free warriors of the great city of Altryon. He and his brother’s only chance of staying alive involves trusting an uneasy alliance with their former enemies. But in the world beyond his city’s walls, Neil’s life is much more dangerous than he ever imagined possible….

The Emperor has hired a ruthless madman and a vicious pack of assassins to hunt down the last supernatural survivors. As the allies attempt to hide from their enemies, the leader of a rebellion singles out Neil as the answer to a prophecy. Neil isn’t sure he believes he’s been “chosen”, but he knows one thing for sure: their only chance for survival lies in sticking together. While treachery and pain wait around every corner, Neil and his allies may win the day, but victory without casualties could prove impossible….

The Flames is the second book in the award-winning Epic Feud trilogy of young adult fantasy novels. If you like rich fantasy settings, imaginative supernatural abilities, and tough-as-nails characters, then you’ll love Kyle Prue’s electrifying adventure.

Buy The Flames to fire up the action today!


Kyle Prue is an award winning author, actor and comedian. Kyle wrote The Sparks: Book 1 of the Feud Trilogy when he was just 16 years old. Kyle has spent the past year on a national book tour visiting over 80 middle and high schools and meeting over 60,000 students. Kyle is now a freshman at the University of Michigan, studying acting and creative writing. He still visits schools and is a keynote speaker for conferences.

Kyle is the founder of Sparking Literacy, a non-profit dedicated to lowering the high school dropout rate by inspiring teens to read, write and follow their dreams. The Sparks has won numerous national awards including Best YA Fiction awards from: The Florida Authors and Publisher’s Association, the Florida Book Festival, New England Book Festival, Midwest Book Festival, Southern California Book Festival, and the International London Book Festival. Kyle also won an International Moonbeam Award and IndieFab Award for Best Young Author.

Narrator Bio

Jon Eric Preston received his Theatre degree from Florida State University after returning from the London program. He earned top honors narrating in the Dramatic Interpretation category on the Speech and Debate team, and performed professionally in Children’s Theatre companies and did National Tours of A Christmas Carol, Twelfth Night, and Othello.

As a SAG BookPAL and a father reading to his two boys for more than 12 years, moving into the booth to record audiobooks was a natural and joy filled progression.
He is thrilled to be narrating and giving voice to the characters for Kyle Prue’s Feud Trilogy.


This series is explosive, in every possible way! We have characters beyond our desires, we have intrigue (and lots of it) and we have action (unpredictable action). I gave “The Sparks” (The Feud Trilogy #1) 5 stars and I can only give 5 stars more to “The Flames”. Why? Because it’s amazing! But enough of that. Let’s try with some reasonable arguments:

Kyle Prue has expanded the world and the characters in book 2. We see how the people live outside the Industrial City more and we see our main characters adapting to life on the run. Each of them has to learn to cope with these changes and face reality and threats. And working together is the only way for them to come up victorious. They grow, each having something to learn or a skill to manage. They bond, each revealing secrets about themselves. Even the negative characters are so well created and a lot of them. Each has a personal agenda and each is willing to do all it takes to accomplish their plans.

Neil is the character that appears to be in the center of the action, but all he does it with the help of his friends, now becoming his new family. They settle into a nice routine which will be soon interrupted by reality. The ending is unexpected, as usual J I was expecting the “unexpectable” of it all. I was longing for that twist I found in Kyle’s writing.

Oh and let me tell you about the narration. Jon Eric Preston is more than great! I liked his interpretation of all the characters, but his voice acting skills are proven when he reads the negative characters. He is wicked! He is terrifying and terrific! So the audio format was definitely another plus to an already bag full of those.

Suffice to say I am a fan of the series, the author and the narrator. Read the series, go all the way because you will find yourselves wanting to know more about the story and characters. Happy Listening!

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Kyle Prue. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.



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Release Blitz: Kosta


༺✭✭**It’s LIVE!!!**✭✭༻

KOSTA by M. Eror

Erotic Romance

KOSTA cover






She is an ordinary girl with ordinary problems: trying to make ends meet, has a horrible boss and is stuck at a job she hates. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

On the other hand, she has the best friends in the world. And that isn’t a small thing.

 She also has a secret or two.

 She always wanted to work at KOPA ‒ one of the most thriving companies in the city ‒ and she just found out that they are hiring. It looks like she’s finally had a stroke of luck. And, just like that, her life changes.

 But then…she runs into him. Although reason tells her to flee, her whole being is pulled toward him. And the inevitable happens ‒ she gets involved in a passionate romance with the man of her dreams. 

There is only one question. Is she strong enough to survive Kosta?

 Teaser 2



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★Instagram: @meror3008



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Audiobook Review: Since I Fell For You

Author: Bella Andre

Narrator: Eva Kaminsky

Series: The New York Sullivans, Book 2

Publisher: Oak Press, LLC

Released: Jan. 10, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Suzanne Sullivan doesn’t need a bodyguard. After all, she’s one of the most successful digital security specialists in the world―so she can most certainly take care of herself despite the problems she’s been running into lately. Unfortunately, her three brothers don’t agree. So when Mr. Way-Too-Handsome shows up bound and determined to protect her, whether she wants him there or not, sparks definitely start to fly. Because she has absolutely no intention of falling for the bodyguard she never wanted in the first place…

Roman Huson has vowed to do whatever it takes to protect Suzanne Sullivan from harm. And her brothers would kill him for so much as looking at her the wrong way. The only problem is that he’s never been hired to work for anyone so beautiful, or brilliant, before. Between trying to keep up with her―and working like hell to keep from kissing her breathless―he’s up against the most difficult challenge of his life. Especially when it turns out that the passion, and connection, between them is hotter than anything he’s ever known…


Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Sullivans”, “The Morrisons” and “The Maverick Billionaires” series.

Having sold more than 7 million books, Bella Andre’s novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists 64 times. She has been the #1 Ranked Author at Amazon (on a top 10 list that included Nora Roberts, JK Rowling, James Patterson and Stephen King). Apple iBooks named her one of their “Bestselling Authors of All Time” (alongside Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts and EL James). And Publishers Weekly named Oak Press, the publishing company she created to publish her own books, the Fastest-Growing Independent Publisher in the US. After signing a groundbreaking 7-figure print-only deal with Harlequin MIRA, Bella’s “The Sullivans” series is being released in paperback in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Known for “sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance” (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine “Red Hot Reads” twice and have been translated into ten languages. Winner of the Award of Excellence, The Washington Post called her “One of the top writers in America”; and she has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, NPR, USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and TIME Magazine. A graduate of Stanford University, she has given keynote speeches at publishing conferences from Copenhagen to Berlin to San Francisco, including a standing-room-only keynote at Book Expo America in New York City.

Bella also writes the New York Times bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series as Lucy Kevin. Her “sweet” contemporary romances also include the new USA Today bestselling Walker Island series written as Lucy Kevin.

If not behind her computer, you can find her reading her favorite authors, hiking, swimming or laughing. Married with two children, Bella splits her time between the Northern California wine country and a 100-year-old log cabin in the Adirondacks.


Narrator Bio

Eva Kaminsky is a New York born and NYC based actor and narrator. A 2014 Audie nominee, she has recorded over 150 audiobooks in many different genres ranging from Romance to Young Adult. Eva can often be heard on TV and radio commercials for such products as Intel, Publix, Neulasta and Tide, and spent her earlier years in the world of animation voicing characters for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, among many others. Recent recurring and guest appearances on television include Chicago Med, Billions, Madam Secretary, Madoff, Blindspot, and The Blacklist, and on the larger screen she can be seen in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Three Generations, and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. She has spent over 20 years working in the theatre, both on and Off Broadway, and extensively in regional theatres all over the country.


I couldn’t wait to read “The New York Sullivans” book 2. I had so many high expectations and most of them have been met accordingly. Bella Andre has created 2 other characters with their own troubles and issues to face. I see a small resemblance in Suzanne and Rosa, but Roman and Drake are totally different.

There is that instant attraction between them from the first moment they meet. Even if she doesn’t need Roman’s services, she more than welcomes his presence. As for Roman, he may not agree with her brothers’ approach to hire him behind her back, he feels the need to protect her from whoever is trying to hurt her and her business.

Suzanne has lived under her brothers’ vigilant eyes. Nobody is good enough, nobody is perfect for their sister. So she created an empire none of them could touch in her IT company. She struggled at first, but managed to do all on her own, her ambition being what kept her going. Now she has the respect of her employees, unimaginable working schedule and to top that, charity as well. She has no time to deal with anonymous calls (literary no time)! However, she forms a plan to get Roman’s attention and persuade him to quit his job, using her feminine charms.

Roman’s past is not one to be proud of, having to fight for his future and a father who did not know how to be one truly. He is a successful bodyguard with nothing that could take him away from an accomplished mission. Well, except his new customer. She is untouchable. She is not only a customer, but also one of his friends’ sister. So hands off! Right?

Suzanne’s determination is visible in her efforts to win Roman. But there are some aspects that I wanted to know more about or that I feel were not closed as I would have expected. Roman’s issues with his father were quickly handled, whereas I think there was a lot of potential there and as well with the threats against Suzanne – this item was wrapped in the end in a couple of hours maybe. The mentioning of Suzanne’s mom’ leaving was confusing as well. I always thought she left them, while in reality something else happened there.

The narration was great, as well as in the first book. Eva Kaminsky has the perfect voice for a kind and gentle woman like Suzanne and I like the way she did the pauses, when one character interrupts another. It felt natural!

To close up this long review, I was not at all disappointed by “Now That I’ve Found You”, even with all the complaints. I cannot wait to discover the next story in “You Do Something To Me”. I have a feeling it will be the best of the three. Happy Listening J

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Bella Andre. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.




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